The relationship between Jenifa and Toyo Baby UNCENSORED!

Juliana Olayode

​Thank you for choosing to read this post. It hurts when people spread lies about you and you cannot do anything to defend yourself. But thank God for a platform like this. I would be saying a lot of things; it would be a long read but I promise you would enjoy reading.

I would be stating in clear terms the relationship I had with Aunty Funke. I used ‘had’ and would be talking in past tense because like you know, I am presently not on the Jenifa’s Diary series. And guess what? The news just broke lately, but I have been off the series since May,2016 (last year); it’s been over a year already.

My post would be in two parts; who Aunty Funke was to me (Juliana), and then, who I was to her. These are things only few people know but I am ready to let the…

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Fighting Temptation

Hi guys, so I wrote this towards the end last year but shared it on my IG page 📄. But I just got  a leading to post 📯 it here. Yet another victory ✌ for Jesus… Read 📖 and be blessed.
I guess you are familiar with the phrase Fighting Temptation.. It’s either you know it as a title of a movie or song.. Those born in the 1990s can relate with this well… But for me when I saw the above art piece by @officialartword,Its brought back to my memory an experience i had during the cause of the year.

Friends, indeed the flesh is weak, but the Spirit is strong! We must kill our flesh daily, and cling to the Spirit of God!
So I went to work on that faithful day and I needed to exchange 💱 some foreign currency ($) to Naira (#) for the office. So I got the Mallam who was supposed to exchange the money for me. We negotiated the price and all… While negotiating he said was buying at #385 per but he was going to exchange it for me @ #387 per dollar that the 2 Naira on each dollar will be mine and he was going to give a receipt that is for the #387 per dollar and nobody will know at the office.

I was really broke at that time and I needed some money to pay for my professional exams. Trust me as an accountant, Immediately he said it, I quickly did the calculation in my head of how much i was going to make from the extra money..and It was a huge sum that was enough to meet my need at that point. As a Christian who has the fear 😱 of God.. I knew it was wrong but my flesh won’t let me be. It lead to a battle my spirit and my flesh. Glory to God.. The spirit won as usual… I don’t compromise I told the Mallam outrightly that I wasn’t interested. He was shocked 😲.. He tried to convince me.. But I didn’t agree 👍. I refused to compromise. It was another victory ✌ for Jesus.

So  friends.. Falling for temptation is like an hour glass. Every wrong thing you choose not to resist, gives way for little sand to pass through to the other side… It goes on and on. S L O W L Y…Like nothing is happening… Until one part is full and the other is empty. Leaving you full on Flesh, empty on Spirit.

5 Christian-Owned Companies With Godly Values

​Christian-owned companies are diamonds in the ruff. It can be quite difficult to find a company or a store whose owner(s) shares the same ideals as you.
As you may know, companies are made with different purposes. Some business owners simply want to make money, but for others, there’s a deeper purpose for it.So if you’re in the United States you probably know about In N’ Out Burger and Chick-Fil-A, but there are still other Christian companies out there to support. Take a look at these 5 Christian companies with Godly values that you should know about:

1. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a one-stop-fashion shop for everyone. You will practically find everything you need here from clothes, bags, shoes and even makeup. Many are fond of shopping here because the prices are affordable and there’s a wide array of fashion choices.

However, what makes F21 very special is that this is actually a Christian-owned company. The Changs are born-again Christians and Mrs. Chang, co-owner of F21 once shared that opening the store is God’s calling for her. You can actually see “John 3:16” printed under the plastic bags.

2. Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash, owner of this cosmetic brand, built the company with a goal in mind–to let all women know that they are beautiful creations of God. This has been her motivation ever since. She also attributes the success of Mary Kay to God, sharing the company is blessed because they had the right motivation behind it. So if you’re planning to buy some beauty products and cosmetic, put Mary Kay on your list.

3. Interstate Batteries

At face value, Interstate Batteries may not look like a Christian company. But once you read the company’s purpose and values, you’d be surprised! The mission statement reads:

Our Purpose

To glorify God and enrich lives as we deliver the most trustworthy source of power to the world.

Our Values

LOVE. Treat others like you’d want to be treated.

SERVANT’S HEART. Lead with what people need.

EXCELLENCE. Do great things with the gifts you’ve been given.

COURAGE. Learn, improve and boldly drive change that matters.

FUN. Work hard, laugh often.

TEAM. Together, we’re better.
INTEGRITY. Be who you are and live up to your commitments.

4. Tyson Foods

John Tyson, owner of Tyson Foods, launched the Chaplaincy Program in 2000. The program aims to employ chaplains who will help motivate, encourage and pray with their team members. Currently, there are 115 chaplains employed in Tyson Foods with 113,000 team members.

5. Hobby Lobby

This arts and crafts chain store donates and ministers. Hobby Lobby donates 10 percent of its in-store discounts to school, churches and charities and can also arrange for its customers to get the discount for donations. One of the company’s mission statements says “We are committed to…Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.” This is also why the store is closed on Sundays.

Not all company owners are money hungry; there are really good ones out there who uses their hands for serving God. Let’s continue to watch out for Christian-owned companies and help support them and their cause.

A Quick Reminder 

​Readers’ ⚠ warning- I don’t mean to make you feel guilty or judge you…this is just a quick reminder… In case you have forgotten these things. 

Ladies! All in the name of trying to be trendy and stylish….Instead of taking a chill pill and wait for your God sent knight in shining armor to put a ring on your finger you have it on your nose……….Wait are you trying to smell marriage?? 

You come online and post your nudity and wonder why it’s the stupid sex-only boys that enter your DMs. Queen up, attract a King.

So you think getting into another relationship is the perfect solution to get over your last heart break. Friend relax and let Christ make you whole. You are complete in Christ. Chasing marriage more than Jesus will have you in a relationship that God didn’t want you in…

Sisters and brothers, there is no trophy handed to those who married before others. Don’t let social media opinion make you think God is not with you hence you attend Christian events with the hungry pursuit of a partner rather than with a hunger for Jesus.

So you mourned the death of someone who was dear to you but you keep living the same lifestyle that got him/her killed… Saying you “I’ll get serious with God later”…my friend you don’t know what tomorrow brings. Turn to Jesus now and grab your salvation.. Before it’s too late. ..Salvation is free… No shingbai is required while you are still alive. 

When did you start putting more faith into a boy’s promises than you did God’s? So because you are lonely, all what you think of is a guy’s /gal 🙋arms.. Please please.. Don’t let loneliness drive you into anything other than the arms of God. Come back. Run home….and stop talking about finding God – as if He could get lost. 

Friends…The devil is not a red guy with a pitch fork. He is smart and well calculated so don’t underestimate him. Walk with your eyes in your head! If you dance with the devil, you don’t change him. He changes you. Don’t you dare settle.If you ‘need’ a break from God… Don’t take it! No prodigal ever had a good story away from home!

Then, this is for you ..young preacher, social media enthusiast….internet savvy ..10k followers on twitter and instagram ..If your preaching for popularity you will always have problems because Jesus will always be more popular than you!! The worlds system will applaud you for being spiritual as long as your spirituality is not biblical………Let your character preach more loudly than your post on social media.
Being about Jesus online is awesome but do your colleagues,friends and roommates see a difference in your demeanour and attitude?because Being a Christian is not about how Christian you look from the outside. It’s about your personal relationship with Christ.
Fun at the University doesn’t start and end at the club “Go and evangelise at the pub.Set and example for nonbelievers that they may question their disbelief, that they may see a positive difference in you.
You’ve got money for movie tickets but have excuses when it comes to offerings and #tithes. Who is fooling… who? 

Although God knows everything there are some things I struggle to let out to Him… ..Start by calling it a sin! We need to call it what it is! Sometimes we all need to take drastic measures to deal with our secret sin.

No, none of us are perfect. But flaunting a voluntary, willful sin like it’s “casual” shows nonbelievers that sin is acceptable… Claiming grace always abound.. We’ve all fallen short of the glory of God, but let us not take up residence in the place of the fall.. We don’t have to stay there. That’s why those who are still under the control of their sinful nature can never please God. (Romans 8:8) .If you find yourself overwhelmed, it may be a sign that you’re spending less time with God and more consumed with this world. Seek Him again. 

Friends…Be as QUICK to KNEEL and pray as YOU do to Text your boo / bae.
Selah 👏💥

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At age 13 or there about I was gifted a book titled ‘sex and dating‘ I can’t remember the author of the book but I made some promises to myself after reading the book 📖 even though I broke 💔 those promises, at first I felt why should I be reading a book 📖 with such a title but reading it changed my perspective because it talked about Christian dating, saying no to sex till marriage and the likes.

And I made these promises:

*I would not have a boyfriend till was 18.

*I would never be intimate with someone I wasn’t married to (saving myself till marriage).

* I would only keep friends that have passion for Jesus and not be unequally yoked.

* I would never drink, smoke or go clubbing.

But…. I couldn’t keep those promises because:

* I had my first boyfriend at age 15.

*Started getting intimate and had my first sex when I was 20 years old on  the same  day  I graduated from university 🎓 (and the bed was already defiled..) shocked 😲 ? Heart broke? And why did this happen?

*I was distracted because I felt everyone was doing it.
* I kept the wrong association because I wanted to belong.

* Jesus wasn’t at the center of my life anymore…. I backside… I was ashamed.

This is not to judge anyone but I know there are several ladies out there that have similar stories or even worse than mine and with the question is God still there?

It was really hard fighting back because the devil kept filling my head with lies that I couldn’t be forgiven, that I couldn’t live right ↪again , that I had lost my virginity and there was no point 👆 being celibate again.

Friends, the devil 👿 will keep telling you that others are doing it but it’s a big lie not everyone is doing it.

The devil is really eating up into the lives of young people through sexual sin but my dear beloved you can choose to stand out and make a difference, whatsoever unholy relationship/ friendship (with or without benefit) you have found yourself in, Jesus can help you out of it .of cause He is still there and always be there for you.

You too can be saved. God has no favorites. No matter who you are, what you look like, what you’ve done God desires to use YOU as you live for Him.

For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.1 John 3:20

You are loved. You are cherished. You are wanted. You are forgiven. You are special. You are purposed. You are found. You are His.

This was written based on a true life experience.

God loves the broken, the messed up, the misfits, the wallflower, and the outcasts.

OH! So You Think? 

Oh! so you think that your nice suit or your beautiful 👗 dress can cover up your unholy heart? Then you decided to place your confidence in your appearance, instead of putting them in God. Friends,Christianity is not a dress rehearsal or a fashion parade! You only have one chance so put your confidence in him and know that God’s got your back.😉💯

So you decided to be skipping church⛪/Bible study/ministry work to spend more time with bae/boo because he/she doesn’t want to go after spending a whole lot of time ⌚ with them. Every relationship is a risk, but you’d rather risk yours with Christ in the mix.Make time⌚ for Jesus, don’t just give Him what’s left after you’re burned out.

Because you sinned, all what you do is to seek the opinion of others ,so you can gain confident and feel secure again without repeating and asking God for forgiveness. Yes, people on earth hate to hear the word “Repent” but those in hell wish they could hear it just once more.Do you want to confess your sins on Judgement Day ?No, I don’t think, So be wise, confess them now! 

Before now you have been paying your offerings, tithes and redeeming your vows diligently, but you don’t anymore, so you can spend more on other stuffs because your income has reduced and can no longer cover all your personal expenses. Folks, the locusts are coming for you… You had better amend your ways.

Sadly, because you don’t want to be told about how God hate sins, which is why you prefer to listen to motivational speakers and the new emerging preachers of Grace messages over the preachers of the  Good news and gospel of Christ, right ?

So you’re scared not to lose your job that you’ll do anything  to keep it. Even if it means going against God’s standards? Honor God & He will honor you! What you do in secret, He will reward in the open. I don’t think you need to cheat the system to be favored, you don’t have to compromise your standards too, likewise sleeping with your boss, manipulating figures and so on. You’ve forgotten that we are not called to be like everyone else, we are called to live as Christ lived.

It’s easy to praise Him when things are going good. Just because of that little challenge you encountered, you decided to give up on God. Didn’t He said, we should praise Him in the storm. Folks, God is the same no matter our circumstances. No matter what comes your way God is not surprised. Your challenge was not sent to defeat you; it was sent to increase you. Jesus should not be an add-on to our lives, rather He should be the focus of our lives. 

My intention is not to make you feel guilty or be the just judge here ,It’s only to let you know that when grace moves in… guilt moves out.

Satan knows if he presented sin as it really is, nobody would be interested. That’s why he presents his deception in attractive packages But on the contrary, have you thought about someone DYING for you just so that you could have a chance in Heaven… Don’t you think you owe God everything?

God’s word  will not change to fit your lifestyle. Your lifestyle must change to match the word. Just as it’s written “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow ❄ ; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.” Isaiah 1:18. 

God loves you ,I may doubt other statements but I don’t doubt this.. It sounds like a cliche, right? But this is where my assurance comes from”…Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ our Lord”You don’t need to be perfect to be loved  by a perfect God.

You may have hit the  rock 🚀 bottom,felt  guilty and ashamed.But God loves 😍 you. When God is first in our heart, then just like the one we love and adore, He  shines in our eyes 👀 and lights 🚥 up our smile.

Selah ✌.

We move to God not by feet, but by love. ❤️ ️

Walk the talk! 

​You tell us to focus on putting God first and intentionally seeking His face first thing when we wake-up, yet the first thing you do when you wake up is grap your phone 📱.. To check your social media updates.. What if we stop making our phones lords over our Lord? 

You post on your social media accounts every now and then about God and His words yet your actions contradicts your words. 

You rather choose to talk , the talk and not walk 🚶 the talk. 

Your posts about purity are so lit yet you still indulge in per marital sex. Who do you think you are fooling? Obviously not God. 

On that day, the heavens will open and the weather will change rapidly, but you will think it’s a weather for two. No dear! It’s rapture  just continue. 

You post about His love, yet your refuse to give your roommate who has ulcer a tin of milk because you are yet to open it. 😌 please , where did you learn your own agape love from? Sure you were not touched beyond words. 

You got a beautiful voice, no doubt and sing in the choir but what you know how to do best with your mouth 👄 when you are not singing in church is to judge, criticize, and gossip about others young Christians. 

You wear Christian tees, with scriptures boldly written on them yet putting God first and intentionally seeking His face is the last thing on your slate. 

Despite your increased knowledge of His word by attending bible study every Tuesdays, you did not have His heart in you. 

How would you feel that you sat in Church ⛪ every week, only to spend eternity in hell because you confessed to be a Christian but denied Him with your lifestyle? Just think about this. 

Just for the record, If you have invited Jesus to make a home in your heart then stop trying to keep sin as a roommate. ✋

Its so sad that many young people profess Christ, but dwell in their sin, then die just to hear “Depart from Me. I never knew you, you did not abide in my love, and couldn’t bear fruit” … May this not be our experience. 

What a cheap trade, to choose the world and lose my life source (Luke 9:25)!

It is high time we got it right with Jesus with a genuine heart ♥.

 I guess you know that plants thrive when they’re deeply rooted in good soil. People thrive when they’re deeply rooted in Christ.Are you planted?

You have all the time in the world to get saved, have fun now” then you choose to be a part time Christian. This thought runs through your mind,  right? 

You can only be on one team! Christ or the enemy! No double siding! It’s either you’re a disciple or you’re a Judas?

You cannot entertain the things of this world & claim to still love God. It’s enmity.

The Lord doesn’t need a tweet or a post from you, of course other people do. What He needs? He needs your time, your heart, your focus & your dedication. We were created for more!

I am not judging everyone here.. I actually don’t like to burst everyone’s little bubbles.. Put we need to constantly remind ourselves of the truth. 

But the good news is that no matter the number of times you must have rubbed His name in the mud!God’s love is so amazing ..

No matter how much you cheat God, have affairs against Him…He still remains faithful to you. Can we dig how deep His love is ❤️ ️? 

 He would keep showing you mercy time and time again.. Because you did not choose Him, but He chose you (John 15:16) and What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? (Romans:6:1) of cause No.

Christianity is not a dress rehearsal! You only have one chance so step out and know that God’s got your back🔥🔥🔥 

So next next time when you tell us to listen to only gospel songs 🎶 make sure… God is the “headphones” in your life. Listen to Him and don’t take Him off in order to listen to another voice; Satan’s voice… 😘.. 😘