Can’t decide what to study in the university?

You Can’t decide what to study in the university?These simple steps will help,
that time of the year when students gain admission into university to study various courses, meet different people from various backgrounds, states, countries. totally different from that which you know.
But often times, students go to school and study courses they don’t like, they study courses because of peer pressure, family influence, or bad/ poor result and they end up studying what they don’t like, hence not doing well in school, not liking your career at the end of the day.
We at second generation have gotten a few tips on what to study in University.

1.Ask for family advice: You should sit and discuss with your family on what course you want to study in university, even though they should not influence your decisions on what you have to study but it is important they know and also support you so you enjoy and love it.

2.Consult your academic adviser/ counselor: usually secondary schools have counselors or advisers to advice students on what to study in university. They are specially trained in helping students in reaching their goals.

3.Study what you enjoy doing: whatever you decide to read is in one way or the other influence what your career will be and also influence where you will end up eventually. Don’t just study a course because of the kind of work you will get but study a course because you love it and will also eventually love your job.

4. And those of us who don’t have an idea on what we want to study or become, take your time, this is a big decision, you don’t want to rush into this.You can talk to family and friends; take advice from advisers and counselors. Just think about something you are interested in and you are good to go.

So ask your parents advice, consult a counselors/ adviser, study what you love, do what makes you happy and most importantly, follow your dreams.
We wish you well as you make your dream come true.


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