Two African Students Invent Award-Winning Soap to Tackle Malaria

Two African Students Invent Award-Winning Soap to Tackle Malaria

Two students in Burkina Faso have developed an award-winning innovation that could help reduce the devastating impact of Malaria.
Moctar Dembele, who is from Burkina Faso, andGerard Niyondiko, from Burundi used locally sourced herbs and natural ingredients to create a soap they say repels mosquitoes, in order to prevent malaria.
For their innovation called “Fasoap,” they were awarded the $25,000 Grand Prize in theGlobal Social Venture Competition(GSVC), in April. Launched by Berkeley MBA students, the GSVC is a global competition designed to help budding entrepreneurs transform their ideas into businesses that will have a positive social impact.
Fasoap is made from shea butter, essential lemongrass oil and other ingredients that are still a secret.
“After using the soap, it leaves on the skin a scent that repels mosquitoes,” Niyondiko told CNN. “In addition, waste water products contain substances that prevent the development of mosquito larvae, because the sanitation problem in Africa is one of the causes of mosquito vectors of malaria.”
They are both students of theInternational Institute for Water and Environmental Engineeringin Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.
According to theWorld Health Organisation, there were an estimated 660,000 malaria deaths in 2010, 90% of which occurred in sub-Saharan Africa, mostly among children under five years old.
This is laudable and the second generation team congratulate the young men on their award.


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