Second Generation’s Blog Young Personality Of The Week

We started a new feature on Second Generation’s Blog,where we showcase and celebrate young Nigerians making a difference.We had Adebayo Okeowo as as our first personality of the week,Funto Oni also featured last week and this week we shall be introducing another outstanding Nigerian young personality.
Highly regarded for her boldness, innovation and passion for people.
Dr.Ola Orekunrin, 27, is a medical doctor, helicopter pilot and entrepreneur,she emerges as our Young personality of the Week.She founded the first air ambulance service in West Africa
Flying Doctors Nigeria,which has transported 500 people in its first three years.
The World Economic Forum recently included Orekunrin in its Young Global Leaders list.
Born in London, she grew up in a foster home in the charming seaside town of Lowestoft in the south-east of England.

At Age 21, Orekunrin had already graduated from the University of York as a qualified doctor.She was then awarded the MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship and moved to Japan to conduct research in the field of regenerative medicine.
Orekunrin did the latter. Motivated by the tragic death of her sister, the young doctor decided to leave behind a high-flying job in the UK to take to the Nigerian skies and address the vital issue of urgent healthcare in Africa’s most populous country-Orekunrin is also a also a trainee helicopter pilot.

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor and I think I was born to practice medicine and I think that once you are in a position where you are doing what you want to do then it never feels like work another day again. I come to work everyday and I actually don’t feel like I am working. I love to make a difference. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in Nigeria in terms of the healthcare here. I know that I’m doing something small in the grand scheme of things, we are just moving people around and that doesn’t really solve the larger healthcare problems which we are all affair of. But I think it is about making a contribution in your own little way, in your own capacity and if everybody makes their tiny contribution in their area of expertise, we can do a whole lot with that.”ola said in a recent interview with Nnadi Tv.
We at Second Generation’s Blog celebrate Dr.ola orekunrin and we encourage other Nigerian young minds to emulate her so we can make Nigeria and the world a better place.
Watch out for next week Second Generation’s Blog Personality of the Week.
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