It’s no joke or myth that twins will always share a bond,
and the very bond which is shared by identical twins,
Taiwo and Kehinde Babaagba, is strengthened as they
graduate from the Redeemer’s University, Mowe, Ogun
State, with First Class degrees!
The two awesome twin sisters, Named Taiwo Babaagba and
Kehinde Babaagba, been born before the coming of the Scottish
missionary, Mary Slessor, in the 19th century, they were very
likely to have been killed at infancy.
Reason: they would have been associated with ill omen and
sacrificed to the gods.
Little wonder, the submissions of a visitor and an educationist, Dr.
Ekanem Etuk, on the sidelines of the Redeemer’s University
convocation, where the twins shone brilliantly like stars, aptly
captured the place of Slessor in Nigerian history.
The Educationist, Etuk said this, Thank God for science and
civilization that came to Africa. Without this opportunity for
advancement, the twin sisters of the Babaagba family of Mopa,
Kogi State, would have been forgotten in history some 20 years
ago. They would have been tagged mysterious children and killed
immediately after birth. Which would have been a great loss to
Nigeria as a country and their parent too.
“Perhaps their parents would have been ostracized or killed for
allegedly desecrating their community.
Their own offence would have been that they gave birth to twins.”
But, thanks to social advancement, the two girls have today
become a special gift to humanity.
At the RUN convocation ceremony last Thursday, the 20-year-old
twins did not only bag First Class each, one of them, Kehinde,
emerged the overall best graduating student with a 4.96
Cumulative Grade Point Average in Computer Science. Her sister,
Taiwo, obtained a First Class in Economics, scoring 4.57 CGPA.
With just four points off the five CGPA, it was therefore not
surprising that Kehinde, the second best graduating student in the
history of the eight-year-old university, received nine of the 27
convocation prizes.
Not only stopping there, the Visitor, Vice Chancellor, College, Dean
and the University Family Forum prizes were among the awards
she won.
There were a total of 519 graduands in all.
As she walked to the podium on each occasion to receive her
awards, electrifying shouts of victory rent the Youth Centre, the
venue of the convocation.
There was giggling and words of astonishment.
In fact, many guests at the event wondered how she could have
learned so much to be that outstanding at her age.
The Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Debo Adeyewa, also
affirmed Kehinde’s exceptional academic prowess, describing her
as a potential Nobel Laureate.
Apart from the twins, 12 other female graduands were among the
20 who bagged First Class degrees that the university produced
for the 2013 academic session.
According to the Vice Chancellor, the womenfolk are taking
academic pursuits to loftier heights.
He adds, “The ladies have bounced back to claim what looks like
their reserved territory. The best graduating student this year is a
very strong representative of the girls. Miss Kehinde Babaagba in
the Computer Science programme with a CGPA of 4.96 has
brought back the trophy to the womenfolk. The university gladly
offers full scholarship for her postgraduate programme as a
worthy royal ambassador and a potential Nobel Laureate.”
However, for the twins, who also won the Redeemer’s University
Women Association prize, an honour for the best-behaved female
student, the success did not come without a price. Particularly for
Kehinde, there were good and trying moments in the attainment
of the accomplishment.
or, Tekena Tamuno, an emeritus professor, also urges them to be
worthy instruments of change.
We are very sure that these two girls, (sorry, twins) will be of
great help to Nigeria and Humanity as well.
Wishing them the very best, and also, the whole 5219 graduands.
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