APPLY: Correspondents wanted to report on peacebuildingin Lebanon, Nigeria and Somalia

Peace Direct is currently seeking ‘Local Correspondents’ to
report on peacebuilding work in Lebanon, Nigeria and
Somalia & Somaliland for the Insight on Conflict website.
(Note that the Nigerian Local Correspondent will be
expected to focus on the north of the country.)
For this role, we require someone with contacts in the
NGO or peacebuilding sector, a strong interest in the media
and reporting, and excellent written and spoken English.
The role is ideal for someone pursuing a career in
journalism or within the NGO sector. Local
Correspondents should be based in the country they
cover; we may consider people living outside the country
if they have exceptional links to the peacebuilding sector in
that country.
The role is not full-time and is not salaried, though Local
Correspondents do receive a small stipend and payment
for working published on the website. The work is best
suited for people with a passionate desire to share
information on peacebuilding with a wide audience.
The work of the local Correspondents
In their role, the primary area of work of the Local
Correspondent will be on investigating and supplying
information on local peacebuilders.
The Local Correspondent is expected to occasionally
submit posts to the Insight on Conflict blog. The blog gives
space to Peace Direct and the Local Correspondents to
respond instantly to developments in conflicts around the
world. It also offers a place for more personal reflections
by the Local Correspondents on their work.
The Local Correspondent is also expected to reply to any
enquiries relating to their work, for example when we
receive requests for further information on peacebuilding
in their region. The Local Correspondent is also expected to
ensure that information on peacebuilders in their section is
up to date – we update this information every 6 months.
If you are interested in becoming Insight on Conflict’s local
correspondent for either Lebanon, Nigeria or Somalia &
Somaliland please send a CV, writing sample, and a short
covering letter outlining your suitability for the role
The deadline for applications is: 01 October 2013
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