APPLY: MTNApp Developer Challenge 2013

How To Enter:
Step 1: Register
Registration is open to individuals or teams.
Step 2: Selecting the mobile app Idea you want
1. Entry Categories
Developers will be expected to submit applications into any
of the following categories:
Entertainment and Lifestyle
Health and wellness
Special category for student submissions (undergraduates)
2. Shortlisting Criteria
Top 4 Apps will be shortlisted from each category based
on number of customer downloads and judged based on
the criteria listed below.
One ‘wild card’ app will also be selected from each
category by the judges (Judges’ wild card).
3. Judging Criteria
Originality of concept
Relevance of concept to the market
Best user experience
Commercial viability
Step 3: Submit your final App by 24th October
You have from 24th July to 24th October to create or
improve and submit your mobile apps.
Final submission is on 24th October, 11.59 pm.
Winners will be announced by the 13th of December 2013.
NOTE : Once you have submitted your app, drop us
a mail with the app(s) name and your developer
account name along with valid identification (i.e.
international passport, valid driver’s license or
voter registration card)
at and you
may be on your way to win a great prize.
If you are submitting an app for the Student category,
please indicate in the email sent to the mailing address


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