THR3E by In His Steps Magazine
The Second Generation’s Blog introduces the THR3E podcast by IN HIS STEPS MAGAZINE.THR3E is a weekly podcast which features downright honest discussions on issues which relate to our daily lives as Christians.
They also run interviews, and feature uplifting musicals. Issues are trashed out from diverse perspectives with conclusions being drawn from the Word of God.
The first episode of THR3E was broadcast on November 19, 2012 and it currently is being syndicated on two online platforms:
different online platforms. As a result of its rich content, THR3E has drawn in listeners from
around the world, with Nigeria and United Kingdom being at the top of the chart.
THR3E currently airs on Praise World Radio every Monday from
4.30pm to 5pm and it incorporates a segment for the Top 5 Naija Gospel Songs for each week courtesy Gospel Music Naija.
It is called THR3E because the number 3 plays a significant role in our Christian faith – talk about the Trinity, our salvation which was
sealed by Christ’s resurrection on the 3 day, the three-fold cord in marriage etc.
The amazing trio of Mary Martha Matthews, Gina Castel & Bayo Okeowo make up the fabulous Thr3e Crew.
The Second Generation ‘s Blog would be bringing to you the download links for all the weekly Thr3e Podcast from now.
And like the thr3e often say: it’s all for His Fame and Glory.


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