Eve :The Diva


Home Profile Account

Basic Information

Sex: Female

Relationship status: Married to Adam

Religious Belief: Believe in the Awesomeness of God

Personnel Information
Activiites: Naming animals and plants, taking strolls in the Garden of Eden and hanging out with my husband.
Interests: My husband! It seems
like he is the only one around who is like me; the others are just creatures!
Claim to fame: i am the first woman.
Favourite scripture: Genesis 2:23

About me:

My life has been filled with drama.people might blame for eating the fruit,but think about how tempting it was. Eating that fruit was the worst thing that ever happened to me! We had to leave the beautiful Garden of Eden and then came more curses. One of my sons even killed his brother.if only i had not listened to the lie of the serpant.but dont be discouraged. God promised that he would provide a way to overcome evil- a way for our relationship with God to be restored. He promise that one of my descendants would defeat Satan. At least, the story ends well!


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