What I See When I Look At MyReflection

When I look at my reflection in the
I see a Lady filled with a Determination
to succeed.
For I look not at what would have been,
But what I can be.
I attend not to gossips,
Nor heed to ill-comments from men.
Though I encounter obstacles along the
Like every other individual,
But with my head kept up high,
And with my faith in God Almighty,
I turn tables,
And shake the unshakable.
Though I may not be where I hope to be,
But I do know,
Deep in my heart,
That I’d surely get there someday.
For my destiny lies in my hands,
And not in the hands/words of another.
I see a Lady with a Heart of Gold,
A Grouend Breaker,
And a Great Achiever,
When I look at my Reflection in the
written by Sarah Ityav


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