A Winner Emerges! Author of‘The Sahara Testament’ TadeIpadeola wins the 2013 NLNGPrize for Literature

Tade Ipadeola , a poet and author of ‘ The Sahara
Testament’ has emerged winner of the 2013
Nigerian prize for literature organised by the
Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas, NLNG.
Tade’s book, The Sahara Testaments, beat the
other 200 entries for this year’s edition of the
prize that is worth $100, 000!
He was announced winner yesterday at The
World Press Conference in Lagos.
Also a legal practitioner, Tade was born in 1970
and has published three volumes of poetry
including ‘A Time of Signs’ (2000) and ‘ The Rain
Fardel’ (2005). His short stories and essays have
also been published in diverse media. In 2009,
he won the Delphic Laurel in Poetry prize with
his poem “ Songbird” in Jeju, South Korea.
His third volume of poetry which is the Award
winning collection of poetry, The Sahara
Testaments-a sequence of 1000 quatrains on the
nuances of the Sahara, is his latest work. The
book was published by Hornbill House of the
Arts, Lagos.
The Panel of Judges led by its Chairman, Prof.
Romanus Egudu adjudged The Sahara Testament
the winning entry for the biggest literary prize
in Africa which comes with $100,000 cash prize
because “ it is a remarkable epic covering the
terrain and people of Africa from the very
dawn of creation, through the present, to the
Tade’s work beat two other stiff contenders who
made the final three; Ogochukwu Promise and
Chidi Amu Nnadi to clinch the Prize.
Congratulations Tade! This is impressive…
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