Virgnity is not a nuisance. The concept that virgnity before marriage is a product of outdated morality is a lie from the pit of hell.
The devil have made youths and teenagers to lose all sense of decency and morality.
Virginity helps you preserve your wholeness and uniqueness as a person before marriage.
The truth of the matter is that while you need food to survive,sex is not essential for survival as some have argued that sex is as much natural bodily function as eating.
sex is an urge that can and should be controlled. When people say they can’t help themselves they make themselves out to be nothing more than animals.
Most people especially youth believes that if we love each other,sex is cool.
This is a very bad and dangerous gospel to imbibe,because most encounters that many people first define as love end up being nothing but surges of hormones. Some people have also argued that you will fall sick if you don’t indulge, most teenagers have fallen victim of ”everybody is doing it” syndrome. I can beat my chest that nobody have been hospitalised for illness from not having sex.
The most painful part of the matter is that as a result of indulging oneself into this act,one may fall victim of sexually transmitted diseases. It is false to say that everybody is doing it, not everybody is doing it.
There are lots of youths and teenagers both males and females who have decided that they won’t have sex until they are married no matter how old they are.
Youths and teenagers please stop the use of sex-promoting books,photographs,films and other television programmes which are in vogue.
Let all say no to sex before marriage.



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