Integrity or Corruption- Take A Survey


Which will you have ?
Tick one answer
1. You find some money on your school compound:
( ) a. You look around and see that no one is watching and put it in your pocket.
( ) b. You ask around and if no one says it is theirs,you immediately buy ice-cream with it.
( ) c. You take it to your teacher to announce it at assembly.

2. You are writing examinations and you cannot remember the answer to some questions:
( ) a. You stretch your neck to see if you can copy from that smart girl next to you.
( ) b. You whisper to your friend to give you just one answer.
( ) c. You pray and ask God to help you remember the answer to the questions and you answer the best way you can.

3. You find yourself in boarding school and you have to sweep you working portion but unfortunately,you have no idea how to sweep:
( ) a. You pay money to another

classmate to sweep your working portion.
( ) b. You beg your friend to sweep for you.
( ) c. You sweep your portion and make up your mind to learn as the days go by.
4. Your senior catches you loitering around the school compound during class hours:
( ) a. You give him some money to keep his mouth shut.
( ) b. You make excuses for breaking the school rules
( ) C. You apologise to him and take the punishment for your wrong actions.

5. Your big sister leaves her cell phone around:
( ) a. You pick it up,make a call for over an hour and delete the record.
( ) b. You make a call without asking your sister,but go ahead and buy some credit so she doesn’t realise it’s used.
( ) c. You ask your sister if you can use her phone before you use it.

Rate yourself: Answer a=1, b=2, c=3
~Add up your scores. if you numbers add up to 11-15,good job,you know what is right and you are ready to stand up for it. keep it up
~if you numbers add up to 6-10,you try to rationalise sin,you need to need to make up your mind whether to stand for right or wrong. God hates double standards.
~if you numbers add up to 1-5,you need to take a good look at your level of integrity. You do not worry about what God thinks. You integrity is at stake.
God bless you