After several days of different weird guesses by our readers of what this year’s theme will be, we now
finally unveil it! The theme of this year’s IHS event is….(drum roll please)…
Yes! Lights Out! That’s it!!!
We call it Lights Out because in these times, most
of us have blended in with the crowd, lost our identity and have had our lights as Christians switched off! But it’s time to switch it back on even as we walk the mortal pavements of this
earth! If you were the last believer on earth, will your stand still be for Christ? Regardless? You bet, there is a company of believers, God’s own family, who are switching their lights back on and flooding the darkness, causing the devil and his demons to
This year’s event is laced with loads of fun. First off, it is going to be an outdoor camping holding at
Camp Haven, which is located in a remote area of Ilorin, Kwara State. Secondly, it will feature canoe
rowing, karaoke and so many other inter-squad challenges. There will also be special guest
features (lips sealed)
The date to reserve is December 27 – 29, 2013
FEE: N2,000

To register as one of the 30 participants and get
your info pack, please send an email now to
info@inhistepsmag.org with the subject: LIGHTS

Please ensure you do not delay in registering as
there really are only 30 spaces.


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