Movie Review -The Preacher’s Kid

Life was supposed to be about Family, Faith and Music, but small-town girl Angie King left the first two behind to pursue a dream of singing stardom.
Angie, the daughter of a stern but loving bishop, is unable to withstand her attraction to Devlin, the hunky star of a traveling gospel show, who takes her on the road along with his cast and crew. Angie soon learns that none of them live up to the Christian values portrayed in the play. Devlin seduces her and they start living together, despite warnings by the play’s director, Ike. Devlin soon gets bored with Angie and he starts abusing her, but Angie stays, especially because of Devlin’s promise to get her a singing contract with a music producer he knows in New York City. After much loss and devastation, Angie returns to the warm embrace of her father and his forgiveness. As Bishop King tells Angie, “You are a child of the King,” a reference to Jesus Christ and His divine authority over all human beings, especially those who re- pent from their sins and return to Him.
The Highpoints:
As I thought about this movie, I juxtaposed it with our lives as Christian parents and the challenges we face in raising our children in the way of the Lord. How do well brought-up children fall prey to the sin of rebellion? Here are a few things to note:
i. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places (Eph 6:12). We must bar the devil, our adversary, from everything that is precious to us- including our homes, health and finances. We must take the battle for our children to God continually in prayer. This was one thing Bishop King neglected to do in this movie.
ii. Our first responsibility is to our families and not to the physical church. A lot of children from Christian homes rebel against their parents and their beliefs because they are jealous of how much time their parents spend in the church and not with them. We must cultivate the habit of carving time out to spend with our children so that we can maintain close, meaningful relationships with them.
iii. God sent Jesus to grant us unfettered access to Him so that He can always be involved in our lives. Even when we sin, we are assured that our heavenly father will not reject us when we run to Him for forgiveness. Sometimes in spite of our best eforts, chil- dren will err. If this happens, we must ensure that our children still have access to us knowing that irrespective of what they do, we will always forgive them.
– Shalom Ojji

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