It’s tattoos again


I was recently walking down the road when i spot the love tattoo peeking out of the low rise jeans of a pretty lady on a motor bike that had just passed by me. At first the lady looked so pretty to me but immediately i saw the tattoo,the reverse was the case. I certainly know am not the alone person in this planet with same opinion about tattoos.
Some people love it with a dear heart, while some hates it passionately, just like i do. What category do you belong?
By the time you must have finished reading through, i believe you would find a  category to fit in.
Some would say that tattoos are simply a harmless expression of individuality. Yes, it could be a form of  individual expression, as reasoned by some and it could also be  a sign of trouble when lust,adultery, nudity,and other vices are promoted by such tattoos,then it’s an obvious sign of trouble.


The tattoo rave is surprisingly common amongst the female folks; as you find it in  every suggestive and seductive place, imaginable; what should be covered is left open to flaunt the tattoos.
Some persons argued that tattoos is the latest way for younger generation to distinguish itself from it predecessors. So what’s the big deal?
Back in history, tattoos were worn by drunkard and criminals make it a big deal for responsible individuals now to wear them ?or  the fact that Greeks and Romans of the bygone times used tattoos for identifying slaves and criminals make it less acceptable now?
However,study conducted provided strong evidence that a tattoo may be a visible clue that a teenager is headed in the wrong direction,(that means that lady is heading for……)the survey showed that tattooed teens were almost four times as likely as their peers to have had sex(so apparently you see less virigins amongst tattooed chicks) and about twice as likely to abuse drugs,alcohol or cigarettes (obviously tatooed fellows are most likely to be drunkard,smokers and drug addicts).
If these could be true for teenagers, then tattoos can be an obvious sign of trouble for anyone,regardless of their age or sex.
Don’t get lured into the insane rave of the most,your body is much more precious than that. The bible declared that we are the temple of the lord; so who you rather mess his temple up or do the the opposite. For God bought you with a high price,so we must honour God with your body. Anytime the thought of Having a tatoo comes to your mind, also remember you have a holy presence.
Lets keep making the difference always.

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