Time is man’s most valuable resource, not money. Yes, money answers all things. But time rightly invested will make and do much more than the limit of money. It is the golden gift of God to enable man becomes His design.
Man is naturally dynamic. So, nature does not enable him to remain at a point, hence, the reason for time. Time can be considered in years, months, weeks and days etc.
Equally, a man’s life has popularly been broadly sectioned into Day and Night. The Master confirms this in John chapter 9 verse 4: I must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.  Day is herein taken as the time of vibrancy, vitality, agility, alertness and strength. It is on this that this written piece focuses. The Day here is symbolically taken as opportunities. Here are some opportunities that your Day presents:


Time is an opportunity. It can be conveniently said that the period of youthfulness of a life is the phase of greatest strength (physical and mental), enthusiasm and creativity. It is the episode in life to employ the mind to surf possibilities, to work, and aim at achieving best results. Maximizing life is only possible in recognizing and making the most of opportunities.  Everyone has got his/her Day.  Time (whether you are young or old) is an opportunity. We are each day faced with opportunities, because everyone living has got access to time. Time is your opportunity to be a success. I encourage you, SEIZE THE DAY!


Your talent is a Day to make the most of. It’s your naturally enabled ability to be first in life. That’s what makes you different from me. That’s the only way you can be indispensable while you are yet here.
Jesus said “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” (Jn. 9:5) Why? He was giving something none else could provide. So is every individual. You were created to do a job no one else could, the way you would. And you were given your talent to facilitate the delivery. Discover your own unique niche, sharpen it up by practicing, make use of it to bless humanity and bring God glory.

The place a man is can be the divinely arranged opportunity for a move-ahead for him in life. It takes insight to realize how where you are currently can be maximized for best result and a turnaround for you. Just anywhere (rough or good situation) can be your needed opportunity for transformation.
For instance, certainly, being on campus is a limitless opportunity for just anyone. Particularly for the young, it’s the golden opportunity to learn; an environment for gaining maturity, in learning to make wise personal choices and decisions. It’s a place to learn to make profitable relationships for personal development and for the honing of your skills. And most importantly, the golden privilege to build up spiritual energy for life, by learning to walk with God. Seize the Day!

If you do not stand up to your Day, you will have regrets you won’t be able to help, because it will not be reversible. Reach out, reach out courageously. Go for the best. Refuse to be just in number. Go for impact. Do something admirably unusual. Make a difference in what has always been. Give someone an opportunity to say “I thank God for… (put your name)” Refuse to be left behind. There is a time not to miss.
Seize the day; make your life count!

-Jonathan Omonogun

Second Generation’s Blog 2013©


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