My degree, My future

I have been writing second class lower division at the university,right from my first year to the final semester in my final year and most times when results are placed, it would read 3.48 or 3.49. I have been denied second class upper credit just because I refused to pay bribe or sort (as it often called in my school ) my lecturers who end up giving me low grades. Presently I just have a semester to graduate and I can’t imagine myself graduating with a second class lower division. How would my parents feel? what would my friends say and would I get a good job with such a grade? what do I do ? Please Help me .

Don’t bribe ,if you do it now, you will have to do it again sometimes in the future and it becomes a vicious cycle of regret, repentance, resolution, regret, repentance, resolution……… Friend, your future and destiny is not determined wholly by a mere certificate or academic grading system, your  destiny and future is worth more than that. You don’t have to compromise and paradventure  you don’t get this grade, you cannot be stranded in life. Have you forgotten quickly the God you serve?  The God that works miracles and wonders. He would step into your case and work wonder and miracle  on your behalf. You have gone too far to give up on him . You shouldn’t dare think of it. You still have a semester to go right?  Remember what the bible says in the book of Exodus 14 verse 14 “ The lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace. ” It is only faith and trust He requires from you. Yes, you have trusted him this far, that is the main reason you still need to trust him more and more. You can get the grade you desire and deserve without bribing or sorting anybody or compromising your faith in God. He would tell you what to do make the high scores you require in your courses to write a second class upper credit .

Take this issue to God in prayers ,one more time, I know you have been praying before, But still have to trust him further in prayers. He was the one that placed money in the mouth of a fish to be found just-in-time. Just like Peter obeyed him, Do whatever he says you should do. It doesn’t matter, even if you don’t fully understand it, just obey. God has our best interest at heart, we are the apple of his eyes. He feels our pains and He is concerned even about the tiniest  details of our lives. When we are in uncomfortable situations, it’s best we keep our sight and heart on God’s love for us. He loves us too much to fail us. He is the ever present help. It’s best we hold these thoughts in our hearts, for they will be manifested soon enough in physical realities.
Moreover, they strengthen our faith and renew our hope thus helping to keep our hearts open for divine instructions and interventions.
If you are reading this piece and you are in similar  dire condition, know that God is able to come through for you and he will. It’s a test of faith, you would triumph in Jesus Christ name. Amen

P.S Beyond studying, Wisdom and knowledge, the grace of God enhances your grades. Involve God, therefore in preparation for your exams and be sure of outstanding results.
Written by Owobo Olorunyomi
My Twitter Handle
Please note that the above conversion was between an undergraduate of a Nigerian University and his mentor.


6 thoughts on “My degree, My future

  1. I burst in tongues when I read this..i was in the same predicament. I have not yet written out my full story on my blog but I mentioned it earlier..i didn’t get my 2;1 till my final year in university. my dean told me it was impossible but God did I held on in hope, in trust and never wavered. I chose to listen to God’s word but he compensated me for the years the camkerworm(lecturers) had eaten by giving me low grades, I held on to his word that said those that sow in tears will reap in joy… I chose to belive in God and he came thru for me.
    and I am saying that He can come through for u too, only if you believe. He is never late, he is always on time and he can turn the heart of those your lectures where so ever he wishes..

    I will run something on this on my blog this week cuz of you, doing something to morrow too and I hope u can take part in it.
    God still lives and He is never too late. never forget that God is never late, He makes all things beautiful in His time and yes, even in ur last semester in school, he can make all things beautiful.


  2. and I noted that you wrote that you have been writing 2nd class lower since when you started on ur files..remember what the word says? for your end shall be greater than your beginning thereof, you cant go out same way u started, the end has to be greater, that’s the way it works. forget the former things an press on, see if God will not spring up greater things than that grade in this last year..all u need is faitha nd trust and if it is God’s will that u graduate with 2:1, no lecturer can stop it.


  3. I stumbled on this post while searching so much on the web about stories of people who graduated with a 2:2. I’m currently in my last semester in my final year too. The semester just started last month and I have a GP of 3.07. I’m really so sad that I might not be able to make it again. I have thought so hard of people expecting the best from me. I’m worried I’m going to let people down and to be honest I have tried my best.

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