Before you throw the mortar board and after.
Its was a few days to graduation and I remember how I felt during this time. With few exams to go, after all the stress had taken its pound of flesh. Fast-forward a few days later and the supposed graduation came and went. July also came in the twinkle of an eye and bam! We were out into the ‘real world’ as they say. I particularly didn’t like the hype given to the ‘real world’ then, like it was some sort of “lions den” or like we were Titus fish being released into shark infested waters. It was absolutely over-hyped…or not! I’ll get back to that. Then the big anxiety came after grad. Job, Labour Market, NYSC, MSc …OH! I forgot Marriage too. Then we all began the race and I must say there are a few things we never knew back then. (Hehehe…’back
then’ like it was 10 years ago, Pardon the dram

Some of which I’d share, not as an experienced one but as one who feels the little he knows is worth sharing. Till today, I wonder why 20 friends can’t just play for 20 years. Life is just not fair!Then I discovered…At some point in life, you’ll be left in that room…after all the celebration…after all the friends are gone to their various houses…party music faded…parents asleep…and you’re staring at that
you struggled to get for 4/5/6 years in your hand (as the case may be), then you’ll be confronted with that big question… WHAT NEXT ?
Some will answer the question after grad, some… maybe later…some never. But the essence of this is to charge you to ask it now! What next? This is not to put unnecessary pressure on you but to actually make you alert and on your guard because that’s life guys. But before you do that, I’ll share with you a simple quote by a mentor and friend, Steve Harris and it goes:
“Your background has no right to put your back on the ground!
This brings me to the Myth of Grades . Know this and keep it at the back of your palms: Your 1st class, 2:1
or whatever grade you have only earns you a seat and a table to write a test. After that, it ends there. You don’t get paid more than the dude with a 2:2
because of that. Don’t let the 1st class get to your head, neither the 3rd class to your heart. But notwithstanding, value whatever grade you have
and are coming out with. It’s a matter of your mind- set.John C. Maxwell said: “Success is good if it doesn’t get to your head and failure isn’t so bad if it doesn’t get to your heart”. Puh-lease! Stop telling me there are no jobs! (BIG YIMU to that) There are
jobs but no qualified people.
That is another reason to be thankful for where you are coming from (I won’t mention the name but you need to see the high demand for your brand out
there)But I’m not surprised, I mean…With all those core values ‘forced’ as it were into our blood
stream…Why won’t our packaging be in high demand? They didn’t attend 1am impromptu meetings with you or race to Chapel before the door closes. Let them say. The thing between your ears…Brain, right?Trust me, the ‘real world’ as I discovered is not over hyped o.
Nobody cares if you were born and bred in Hebron… or your spoken English is better than the Queen’s or
that your over-starched shirt is sharper than a sword.
What can you bring to the table??? What value can you add? Oh you dress good…great! Good grades… perfect!Spirituality in the package…fantabulous!!! Just one thing…errr…What have you got upstairs asides what your ‘papers’ say.


Please keep your connections green. Know people ooo. Hmm, Sometimes doors just open via that person who knows someone who knows another
person in a high place. Not everyone will do Aptitude Tests. Confirmed, Tried and Tested!


If you’re in accounting and you haven’t started thinking of an ICAN or ACCA or CFA… not a wise idea
I must say. If you have a passion for music production and you’re not sound in Fruity Loops or Adobe Audition or the likes? You scare me.If you want to be a Networking guru and you’ve not tried to ping into
Library’s router once or immerse in those Cisco things, I piry you. A Business consultant and you’re
not reading materials to brush up your knowledge base? Not good at all. A web-designer and you’re still experimenting with Dreamweaver; you need cane! On a more serious note, skills are in highdemand in every industry. Acquire a skill and know it
well.No one’s got it all figured out I must add. Have a mentor in your field. Enough said.


You will know your true friends after grad. I won’t even talk much on this. Some friends you must never
ever lose. They might be the link to your open doors. Some you need to discard.Mind your company and remember: Birds of the same feathers flock together. Warri people will say: Birds of the same feather, na
the same mama born them.
Pst. Chris Okotie would polish it: Avians of the same plummage navigate within the same degree of
Your life in 5 years will be a function of the books you read and the friends you keep”.
I strongly recommend this book (it’s small and not too lengthy), “Leadership Principles for Graduates”
by John C. Maxwell. A friend got it for me for my grad and I can say it’s the best gift I got.In all you do, know this too: Value family because when all else fails, (even though it seems not sometimes) they’ll still stick by you.
Never get to the stage where God takes a second place in your life. He is all you need to have your needs met. (This sounds familiar)
Also, never get too serious to forget to enjoy life’s subtleties.
There will always be something to worry about, but with God you’re at peace always.

live, laugh, Love, and commit all in God’s hands. Only He can figure it all jare. All these being considered, come July 26th, get into your best outfits and throw that mortar board into the sky! You deserve the victory.


Written By  Michael onobote

Second Generation ‘s Blog 2014©


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