In Memory of Late Engr. Sunday Vincent Owobo


You left on that fateful day,10th May, 1996, precisely 18years today . I can still remember seeing your wife and your kids in tears. I recall all those gloomy sounding words from your relatives, friends and colleagues; even though we haven’t seen some of them since your death.

You left us few months to your 40th birthday. It wasn’t a good time to leave. The gap you created still remains, it is yet to be occupied, many have tried to fill it but haven’t been able to , except this very man who we always run to anytime we need you to play your role, as he promised to be the father to the fatherless .When one door closes he opens up a bigger and a better one.
   Mummy often says “you were a man of varlour  who went in search of a virtous woman as declared in  Proverbs 31”, Indeed her price is far above rubies!!!

Mummy Ronke,has been our greatest cheerleader in the competition of life. She has brighten up our lives and making sure any sad countenance is transformed to an infectous beam. She says,” everyone deserves to be happy no matter the situation, don’t they ? And hey ,that ain’t  hard at all. When you are  down , you don’t need to frown , He is around you , you  can’t be bound ! So praise up!!! Praise God , your earthly and heavenly Father ”

Your only daughter Ronke has taking up one of the roles you were to play in our life. It is often said that everyone needs someone to spark a bit of hope, somebody to say “yes you can do it. You’ve got what it takes – She is that Someone .

You are stronger when you don’t stand alone , You are able to fight your battles better and face your struggles more confidently ,when you are sounded by the right influences.

Your three boys  ( Engr. Tosin, Yomi and Gbenga Owobo ) have been influence to eachother but Engr. Tosin is our biggest influence.

We are just like The Three Musketeers ,only that we don’t wield swords but we are noble guys and God fearing too.

Gbenga, (the third musketeer ) Your last child is now a big boy with big dreams, though you guys  barely know each other well. He has promised to make you proud. He has often asked me what you looked like  and what it seems like to have a father? I hope you would answer his questions when you reply my note?
   Dad, things have really changed since you left. We may not be where we want to be , but at least we are not where we used to be. We have walked through darkness and light  , walked through ups and downs, through smiles and frowns – all without you. Yet we are still strong and still pressing to make you proud and make  those dreams  you had for  us a reality.
In rememberance of the 18th year of your  exit , i have chosen to honour you by changing my name to Yomi Vincent-Owobo from Yomi Owobo.

Before i run out of ink, let me let you know that i just graduated from the university ( i know that i just saw  a big smile on your face coupled with “am proud of you son” from your mouth.
“Words fail me really , i still hope i would see you at door and hear you say , I am back son ” 
Still we meet again at the feet of the Master – Jesus
Rest Your sweet Soul ,Daddy.
Engr. Vincent Owobo (1956 -1996)
Your Son.
Yomi Vincent-Owobo

Second Generation ‘s Blog 2014©


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