Truly life can be unfair to young people, but you will agree with me that life is beautiful but survival is the game. The news is filled with stories of young people cut off before they could get to their prime. Road accidents, stray bullets, sadly terrorist bombs, illness, plane crash, the list appears to be endless.
We are plugged by an onslaught of maddening forces and hostile, even many of us are chained down by fear, mediocrity, depression, defeat, addictions and negativity and unable to move from the moment. We struggle daily to shine our light in a windy world but darkness rushes in like a tornado strangling each attempt.
Many of us wonder why we are being targeted, but despite the gloomy pictures that life present to us as young people, we don’t have to give up, we must still applaud our maker. He has carried us thus far, weary solider, yes, but still strong enough to face another day, month and year.
I am 20 something years today, all glory be a to God. I am as young as my dreams yet as old as my doubts. I nurse an inner restlessness, a longing, a quest for something more than what this fleeting world has to offer.
I hang on to the flame of hope and never to say die to cheap because, the very best of is yet to come.
I refuse to blame my past from my present, I cannot re-live my past, but certainly i can plan my future.
In the past years, I have learnt that a good companion on a long and tortuous journey makes it short and tolerate so I choose Jesus and others dreamers not day dreamers, but young people with big goals, people who plan to do something significant with their lives. Hanging around people who are going to help me become all God created me to be.
I have also learnt that every lap we run is one less lap for the those who come after us, a hundred years from now my blood will still speak to my future generation, either positively or negatively, my bloodline will affect others in my family line. What will my blood say?
I strive not to allow this elements subdue me. I am not going to live on fear, mediocrity, bound by depression, defeat, addiction and negativity.
No, I am going to act like the Apostle Paul and start pressing forward. I refused to be crippled by what is happening around me. I stop running from the battles of life. It’s time to fight. The future has come, the future is mine for a taking.

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and set you apart” He set me apart to #MakeADifference and #MakeAChange .
So instead of eagerly anticipating 30 something , 40 something… . I will live my life: one day at a time
making impacts.
Cheers! I am 20 SOMETHING !!!
Happy birthday to me again.


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