Happy Birthday…Our Jewel

Sometimes we just pretend likewpid-IMG_20140203_052433.jpg we don't appreciate you, dear..we do or maybe we don't know how to express that huge feelings of gratitude or perhaps know the right words to use, I think this happens because of a battle between our masculine nature and our emotions ..
Jewel, whether we express it verbally or otherwise always have it at the bottom of your heart that we love you and we will love still the end of time. 
You have indeed been a solid rock of positive influence and an unending source of inspiration coupled with motivations to us. 
You have made us see possibilities where we see impossibilities and opportunities where we see challenges all these couldn't have happened without your passionate quest to know God intimately which has translated into the high discerning spirit you possess that had made you wear the shoes of an earthly father figure as being the first child and the only girl in the family šŸ‘Ŗ without one. 
Just to describe you in few sentences.. A perfect role model for our unborn children that how i can describe you. 
Here are a few things we love about You.
We love your food and we will always ask for more šŸ² 
We love your sense of humor and style of fashion. šŸ‘— 
We love you when you get angry with us and you say "is because I am the only girl child" šŸ‘§ 
We love the way you dance šŸŽ¶ 
We love to see you go to church always. 
All the very best this new age ! God's breath be on your plans and their executions and we pray that your mind will conceive a revolutionary idea that will make you a generational giant in Jesus Mighty matchless name. 
On behalf of your biggest fans(Oluwatosin,@teeowo Olorunyomi@Olorunyommy and oluwagbengba and Mama Ronke) .. I boldly say.. We love you and celebrate šŸŽ‰ you.
Happy birthday my Jewel šŸ’.

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