teacher_edWhile growing up as a young girl, my maths teacher thought us how to form circles – big, medium or small circle, just with the combination of arcs. So simple, after you must have drawn as many arcs as possible, he would instruct us to clean out some lines and you will get your desired circle- big, medium or small. So simple isn’t? Yes

However, have you ever wonder what God can do? Don’t you think God could do more than my maths teacher, if only we would allow him to handle the circles of our lives, no matter the size – big, medium or small, just trust Him with it. The people we come across in life could be liken to the arcs. They are the combinations that end up forming the circles of our lives which could be a perfect or imperfect circle, of cause depending on who handles and how we handle them. As individuals on the journey of greatness, we would certainly come across so many people which evidently, are the arcs we need to complete our circles. But it doesn’t stop here, our responsibility with the help of the perfect teacher is to absorb the ones that will give us a complete life and simply erase those that wouldn’t, even though they might have been useful at some point in time. To accomplish greatness in life, we need to have a relationship with God. A relationship that would enable receive the right instructions from him hence, ensuring our circles are perfect and so beautiful that others would emulate.

                                                                                                    Written by  Adeyemo Adebusola



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