The Conversation Episode 1


Bimbo II:  What’s ur dp abt?

Yomi Owobo: The boy and the lion?

Yomi Owobo: You don’t like it ba?

Bimbo II: The dp?

Yomi Owobo: Yup

Bimbo II: I’m indifferent

Bimbo II: I just didn’t understand it

Yomi Owobo: Really

Bimbo II: Yep

Yomi Owobo: I should remove it?

Bimbo II: Why?

Yomi Owobo: Maybe it’s that bad?

Bimbo II: Lol

Bimbo II: No na

Bimbo II: Bad ke?

Yomi Owobo: Tor

Yomi Owobo: I just love the picture ni.. The blend of two distinct creatures.. It makes more sense, if you understand the power of compatibility between two different types of things or people

Bimbo II: Now I’m begining to understand and love it

Bimbo II: Pele, marketer

Yomi Owobo: Lol… mi not marketer oo..Accountant ni mi ooo…

Yomi Owobo: It’s just taking a look at it with your inner mind and eyes

Yomi Owobo: It makes more more sense … If you consider the type of animal and the gesture it shows towards the boy… Receiving a huge from him

Yomi Owobo: You know understand normal circumstances.. The wild creature will devour the poor lad…without a second thought

Bimbo II: Yep

Bimbo II: I quite understand

Yomi Owobo: But the photographer was able to have a blend of two different creatures in an impossible 🙅 situation.. And so is it too 👨 and 👩. Though theirs is not a dangerous as the boy and the lion, i am just being scarsctisc …

Inclusion it’s not more about the similarities.. It’s more about two different things or people’s with lots of different to be willing to be compatible.. And live together happily after…(Marriage niyen)

Yomi Owobo: So that’s why I have the picture up on my dp…

Bimbo II: Ose👍🏼 analyst

Yomi Owobo: Don’t mind me jor.. That’s what we melancholy love to do… We have a deeper understanding of art, music 🎶, nature, photographs and the likes

Bimbo II: Enle

Yomi Owobo: Smiling…Enjoy your day.

This was a conversion between Bimbo Olobayo and i on whatsapp early this morning.



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