God works Miracles on Mondays

tgimSo how did my day go today ?… Usually for me Mondays are really not days i get overwhelmed with work..on Mondays we have this TGIM culture we practice in my company which makes Mondays exciting but today was an exemption… and I prayed 🙏 for a stressed free day and a miracle Monday fa. ..

Anyway, got to the office, dropped my work bag.. immediately, I opened my laptop, emails started dropping.. pressure from everywhere… Departments we service started their usual garagara.. In the midst of all these, I had this task to prepare a letter for transfer instructions to be sent to the bank.Out of my quest to beat time , I made this silly mistake..so unlike me,  on one of the transfer instructions (this particular one was meant for my boss) instead of writing 18th April i wrote 15th March on the instruction and i didn’t notice not until I got to the bank….when i noticed i lost all the color on my face. Did I mention  to you that i hate going to the bank ?
Prior to this time i already had issues with the ladies in the fund transfer unit of the bank…it was so bad that their HOP ( Sincerely i don’t know what HOP means) had to intervene,though it was their fault and not mine …i won the fight and they lost that day.

This time around i was the one at fault, many thoughts started running through my mind..should i just go back to the office and ask my boss to sign again , kia i can’t face him ,not even today among other days, or should i just go and speak to the HOP directly or swallow my pride and speak to those ladies at the fund transfer unit….no i can’t  lose this  fight.

I became confused, so i told the Holyspirit, “Padi, i can’t deal ooo” ..please do something…immediately He intervened, though there was a price to pay.

Before going upstairs to the fund transfer unit, i was to get bank statement for my boss, of cause now you know Nigerian banks with their lack of adequate facilities ,there was only just two chairs at the customer service unit , which somebody else had sat down on one already and immediately i saw the other vacant chair, i quickly went to sit on it, just to catch my breath and think on what to do about the mistake i made.

while the customer service lady was attending to the other guy that came before me, i was waiting for the Holy Spirit to say something. I looked back and i saw a young man, probably he should be in his middle 30s walking towards the customer service unit with the aid of a walking stick and the Holy Spirit just told me this where my solution lies…So you mean i should stand up for this guy to sit…i started arguing  with Him…
Guy, this lady hasn’t attended to me, for how long would i stand for this guy to be attended to? after arguing with Him  with so many reasons i  finally agreed and we stuck a deal. of cause you know what the deal would have been. …in my funny voice… “Bros,if i stand up for this man to sit, that means i have helped him ,so You have to help me oo, please blind the eyes of the ladies upstairs not to notice the mistake”( I don’t mean literally blindness oo) and i told the to guy to come and sit and i dropped the letter of request for the bank statement and as i went upstairs other customers were surprised, in their mind they will be thinking this guy is a nice guy.  ( of cause i am a nice guy now).

Guess what? immediately i got upstairs…before i even said what i was there for the lady at the fund transfer unit left her desk like she was expecting me before and she walked up to me with a warm smile to collect the transfer instruction from me and she treated it immediately without even checking for the date on the transfer instruction . You need to see how happy i was…( Though i didn’t express it ooo ..you know i should form a little too)

so i went back to the customer service unit to know what up with the letter i dropped with the lady ..just to my greatest surprise, the bank statement was already . And I  said “I am  good to go in the voice of a Nigerian corp member”

This phrase just dropped in my head….”God works miracles on Mondays,” Indeed God works miracles on Mondays….



One thought on “God works Miracles on Mondays

  1. Holy Spirit the fixer… Lessons I learnt from this
    1. Be obedient to his voice
    2. Be calm so you Can hear him when he speaks.
    3. Be nice! At least 😊😊
    Thank you Holy Spirit for helping yommy, help us too in our times of need. Amen


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