Dad,We love you like Roses love the fall


Dear Dad,

It is that time of the year I write to you, on the 10th day of May every year. I almost missed it is because of my busy schedule at work. Dad, your boy is finally becoming a man, saddled with a lot of responsibilities. How are you doing over there? Trust you are doing well?

It’s 20 years today that you crossed to the other side to be with the Lord, those babies that were given birth to immediately after your glorious exit voted in the last general election, see how time flies? lol!

Daddy, many things have happened within the space of 20 years and we are entirely grateful to God for all these things. Your exit has taught us that a closed curtain doesn’t mean the production is over. The curtain has to close to set up for the next scene to begin.
Dad, the vacuum you left still remains unoccupied but someone has been playing your role perfectly, this guy has been faithful, loving and caring to all of us as a family.

When the storm of life beckons, even in those storms, in the loneliest times of all, we are never really alone. He has always and will continue to keep His promises till the end. Guess who? It’s the man you live up there with . His love is like the sun, constant and unchanging. Nothing can take that away. Sometimes He allows us to hit rock bottom to show us that He is the ROCK at the bottom. No matter how low we get, God’s love reaches lower.

Instead of focusing on what’s missing (the father figure) we choose to use our energy for the greater good. We have fought so many battles without you. We have experienced different shades of difficulties, just like the rocks and the thorn trees – Hard and dry. But in all we came out successful and victorious.
No doubt your death was part of the bigger plan.
Since you left, you know, there’s been a shortage of good men in this world. It’s like the earth only allows so many of them here at a time. Dad, you are a good man, probably that’s why you died. It ain’t fair. That’s just the way life is. Ain’t nothing in the world we can do about it. You were a definition of a cool and humble man. You were one of the smartest and most gifted men I have ever known.
Mommy, misses you a lot. She tells us how much she misses you she recently shared stories of your good times together. They were so interesting… She’s beginning to reap the fruits of her labour…wish you were here, it would have been so perfect. Mommy, may not be rich but she has always found a way to make sure we had everything we ever needed and for that we are forever grateful. She is indeed a super woman. I will surely love to marry a woman of her kind. Mummy Ronke Yemi Grace Owobo;We love you pieces.

Dad, we know you are up in heaven and we love you and miss you very much and still think about you to this day. We are sure, you are very proud of your children. I, My Jewel Ronke Owobo detective Owobo Tosin & lilGbenga Owobo loves you like the roses love the fall.
Just before I drop my pen ….i still remember you bring roasted crickets and rabbit from your place of work(Farm) for us, the birthday party of your friend’s children we attended together and the nice time we had together at the amusement park.

If dreams weren’t dreams and dreams come true, I wouldn’t have to write to you, instead I would have a proper man to man conversation with you.

Distance is one thing that keeps us apart, but dad you will always remain in our hearts.
Once more we love you like Roses love the fall….Rest on Engr. Vincent Owobo……


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