Reward for Passion

IMG_20160525_020352I love soccer,though as a lady, quite uncommon, isn’t it? of cause,it is. I have been a fan of Arsenal football club for decades now. smiles… I recently went to the game house to watch the match they had against Manchester united FC, All through the first half of the game ,both teams had a tie,it was really that bad that i started praying in my heart that my club should just score one more goal so they could win the match, few seconds into my prayers,I heard a shout behind me…A guy’s passion has being rewarded.Immediately there was a leap in my heart that I had to stop praying. If Arsenal had not won that match,the guy would have returned home sober without a reward and I wonder how much he has spent into it while I on the other hand was not expecting any reward, my own passion was just for winning sake.This gave my mind a flash back to one Saturday evening while I was still serving my country as a corp member, I came across this 9JaBet advert on a billboards that says ‘REWARD FOR PASSION’ through have been seeing this particular advert for a long time but that particular evening was quite different.I was like Whaoo… Imagine this much reward for those that are so passionate about soccer, how much more is available for everyone who is so passionate about the things of God? How passionate are you about winning souls for Christ?knowing that God’s reward to mankind is Beyond our IMAGINATIONS. “Now he who plants and he who waters are one; but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor”1st Corinthians 3:8 

 Be Rest Assured That The Reward You Will Get Is A Function Of How Passionate You Are.


Written By :Adebusola Adeyemo


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