Happy Birthday CEO

IMG-20160509-WA0016This is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Its has been God all the way,it’s His Grace that has kept me thus far to see yet another June 3rd-my birthday .How amazing is this grace and how sweet is the sound. Father, I return all the glory to You alone.

As I celebrate 󾔗 my birthday 󾔑 today. I will love to share with you a few things i have learnt in my 20 something years on earth 🌍 ;

* One of the biggest keys to surviving your 20’s is learning how to move on. Move on from jobs, negative influences , habits, characters, attitudes & situations. Know when to say “No”,when to say “I will think about it “and say “Yes” #MoveOn 󾟙

*Don’t let anyone tell you that the top is crowded, there’s so much space there, just make sure you locate your spot. The only crowded place is the bottom󾮟.

*On this God’s green earth 🌍, With your potentials, you stand alone,but your potentials plus Jesus makes you stand out… One with Christ is majority. What a perfect combo that could be.

*It’s a wild world 🌍 West, Though hundreds of steps can be taken away from God but there is only one step needed to return- repentance and faith in Jesus!

*God gives us faith that can move mountains, but sometimes the mountain that needs moving is inside of us. We need to constantly move ourselves to greatness. Of course, Everybody sees the same sky but not everyone sees the same horizon.

*Sex is given by God as an expression of love to be shared and enjoyed exclusively between a husband and wife. Not between boyfriends and girlfriends. Marriage is honorable with the bed undefiled. Seek purity in everything you do & above that seek the Lord’s kingdom.

*I would say one of the main things I’ve learned since starting #YOUTHWITHADIFFERENCE is patience. Nothing happens overnight. I’ve learned to take baby steps and accept that things dont have to be 100% complete or perfect. Its a matter of process and iteration because there will always be room for improvement and growth.

*Nothing pays off like hard work.. Friends, it doesn’t kill. It only makes you useful and needed and it is even more better if you are smart. If you want to be sorted after? Be a hard worker and a smart worker. This is just the game changer for a successful career.

*Have values that you can’t compromise. it could be purity, Spirituality, love and the likes. Just make sure you have positive Values. Positive ones would help sharpen your life and decisions you make here on earth. With consciously chosen values, you will make less mistake and have less regrets.

*Make friends, Have friends.. Friendships like David and Jonathan specification. Sometimes even with strangers. Love ,respect kindness and gratitude are not just things to think about in your friendship, they must be put into action.

*I thought I should share this with you. This is my route every morning.
Wake up 4:30am daily
1. Pray/worship/mediate
2. Listen to a faith building message.
3. Read something,something new actually
4. Review my dreams & goals.
5. Map out my day(live on purpose)
6. Exercise (though it just joined the list 󾕀 recently)
7. Tackle the most difficult things first.

* To You reading this and wondering how old 󾆨 is this guy… Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire 󾓶. #MakeADifference #standout and to do this #discover #develop #deploy your God given gifts and potentials

I leave you with this, though quite personal, despite all my accomplishments in life , I want to be remembered for my wisdom, my faith in God and my ability to communicate big truths with simplicity, beauty and grace to young people. – simply put impact.

See you next June 3rd,
Olorunyomi Owobo
(Christian Encouraging Others)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday CEO

  1. Thank you! Happy birthday in arrears 😀The good lord will continually anoint you with fresh oil of wisdom and whatsoever your soul desires. Amem


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