Walk the talk! 

​You tell us to focus on putting God first and intentionally seeking His face first thing when we wake-up, yet the first thing you do when you wake up is grap your phone 📱.. To check your social media updates.. What if we stop making our phones lords over our Lord? 

You post on your social media accounts every now and then about God and His words yet your actions contradicts your words. 

You rather choose to talk , the talk and not walk 🚶 the talk. 

Your posts about purity are so lit yet you still indulge in per marital sex. Who do you think you are fooling? Obviously not God. 

On that day, the heavens will open and the weather will change rapidly, but you will think it’s a weather for two. No dear! It’s rapture  just continue. 

You post about His love, yet your refuse to give your roommate who has ulcer a tin of milk because you are yet to open it. 😌 please , where did you learn your own agape love from? Sure you were not touched beyond words. 

You got a beautiful voice, no doubt and sing in the choir but what you know how to do best with your mouth 👄 when you are not singing in church is to judge, criticize, and gossip about others young Christians. 

You wear Christian tees, with scriptures boldly written on them yet putting God first and intentionally seeking His face is the last thing on your slate. 

Despite your increased knowledge of His word by attending bible study every Tuesdays, you did not have His heart in you. 

How would you feel that you sat in Church ⛪ every week, only to spend eternity in hell because you confessed to be a Christian but denied Him with your lifestyle? Just think about this. 

Just for the record, If you have invited Jesus to make a home in your heart then stop trying to keep sin as a roommate. ✋

Its so sad that many young people profess Christ, but dwell in their sin, then die just to hear “Depart from Me. I never knew you, you did not abide in my love, and couldn’t bear fruit” … May this not be our experience. 

What a cheap trade, to choose the world and lose my life source (Luke 9:25)!

It is high time we got it right with Jesus with a genuine heart ♥.

 I guess you know that plants thrive when they’re deeply rooted in good soil. People thrive when they’re deeply rooted in Christ.Are you planted?

You have all the time in the world to get saved, have fun now” then you choose to be a part time Christian. This thought runs through your mind,  right? 

You can only be on one team! Christ or the enemy! No double siding! It’s either you’re a disciple or you’re a Judas?

You cannot entertain the things of this world & claim to still love God. It’s enmity.

The Lord doesn’t need a tweet or a post from you, of course other people do. What He needs? He needs your time, your heart, your focus & your dedication. We were created for more!

I am not judging everyone here.. I actually don’t like to burst everyone’s little bubbles.. Put we need to constantly remind ourselves of the truth. 

But the good news is that no matter the number of times you must have rubbed His name in the mud!God’s love is so amazing ..

No matter how much you cheat God, have affairs against Him…He still remains faithful to you. Can we dig how deep His love is ❤️ ️? 

 He would keep showing you mercy time and time again.. Because you did not choose Him, but He chose you (John 15:16) and What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? (Romans:6:1) of cause No.

Christianity is not a dress rehearsal! You only have one chance so step out and know that God’s got your back🔥🔥🔥 

So next next time when you tell us to listen to only gospel songs 🎶 make sure… God is the “headphones” in your life. Listen to Him and don’t take Him off in order to listen to another voice; Satan’s voice… 😘.. 😘 


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