OH! So You Think? 

Oh! so you think that your nice suit or your beautiful 👗 dress can cover up your unholy heart? Then you decided to place your confidence in your appearance, instead of putting them in God. Friends,Christianity is not a dress rehearsal or a fashion parade! You only have one chance so put your confidence in him and know that God’s got your back.😉💯

So you decided to be skipping church⛪/Bible study/ministry work to spend more time with bae/boo because he/she doesn’t want to go after spending a whole lot of time ⌚ with them. Every relationship is a risk, but you’d rather risk yours with Christ in the mix.Make time⌚ for Jesus, don’t just give Him what’s left after you’re burned out.

Because you sinned, all what you do is to seek the opinion of others ,so you can gain confident and feel secure again without repeating and asking God for forgiveness. Yes, people on earth hate to hear the word “Repent” but those in hell wish they could hear it just once more.Do you want to confess your sins on Judgement Day ?No, I don’t think, So be wise, confess them now! 

Before now you have been paying your offerings, tithes and redeeming your vows diligently, but you don’t anymore, so you can spend more on other stuffs because your income has reduced and can no longer cover all your personal expenses. Folks, the locusts are coming for you… You had better amend your ways.

Sadly, because you don’t want to be told about how God hate sins, which is why you prefer to listen to motivational speakers and the new emerging preachers of Grace messages over the preachers of the  Good news and gospel of Christ, right ?

So you’re scared not to lose your job that you’ll do anything  to keep it. Even if it means going against God’s standards? Honor God & He will honor you! What you do in secret, He will reward in the open. I don’t think you need to cheat the system to be favored, you don’t have to compromise your standards too, likewise sleeping with your boss, manipulating figures and so on. You’ve forgotten that we are not called to be like everyone else, we are called to live as Christ lived.

It’s easy to praise Him when things are going good. Just because of that little challenge you encountered, you decided to give up on God. Didn’t He said, we should praise Him in the storm. Folks, God is the same no matter our circumstances. No matter what comes your way God is not surprised. Your challenge was not sent to defeat you; it was sent to increase you. Jesus should not be an add-on to our lives, rather He should be the focus of our lives. 

My intention is not to make you feel guilty or be the just judge here ,It’s only to let you know that when grace moves in… guilt moves out.

Satan knows if he presented sin as it really is, nobody would be interested. That’s why he presents his deception in attractive packages But on the contrary, have you thought about someone DYING for you just so that you could have a chance in Heaven… Don’t you think you owe God everything?

God’s word  will not change to fit your lifestyle. Your lifestyle must change to match the word. Just as it’s written “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow ❄ ; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.” Isaiah 1:18. 

God loves you ,I may doubt other statements but I don’t doubt this.. It sounds like a cliche, right? But this is where my assurance comes from”…Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ our Lord”You don’t need to be perfect to be loved  by a perfect God.

You may have hit the  rock 🚀 bottom,felt  guilty and ashamed.But God loves 😍 you. When God is first in our heart, then just like the one we love and adore, He  shines in our eyes 👀 and lights 🚥 up our smile.

Selah ✌.

We move to God not by feet, but by love. ❤️ ️


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