A Quick Reminder 

​Readers’ ⚠ warning- I don’t mean to make you feel guilty or judge you…this is just a quick reminder… In case you have forgotten these things. 

Ladies! All in the name of trying to be trendy and stylish….Instead of taking a chill pill and wait for your God sent knight in shining armor to put a ring on your finger you have it on your nose……….Wait are you trying to smell marriage?? 

You come online and post your nudity and wonder why it’s the stupid sex-only boys that enter your DMs. Queen up, attract a King.

So you think getting into another relationship is the perfect solution to get over your last heart break. Friend relax and let Christ make you whole. You are complete in Christ. Chasing marriage more than Jesus will have you in a relationship that God didn’t want you in…

Sisters and brothers, there is no trophy handed to those who married before others. Don’t let social media opinion make you think God is not with you hence you attend Christian events with the hungry pursuit of a partner rather than with a hunger for Jesus.

So you mourned the death of someone who was dear to you but you keep living the same lifestyle that got him/her killed… Saying you “I’ll get serious with God later”…my friend you don’t know what tomorrow brings. Turn to Jesus now and grab your salvation.. Before it’s too late. ..Salvation is free… No shingbai is required while you are still alive. 

When did you start putting more faith into a boy’s promises than you did God’s? So because you are lonely, all what you think of is a guy’s /gal 🙋arms.. Please please.. Don’t let loneliness drive you into anything other than the arms of God. Come back. Run home….and stop talking about finding God – as if He could get lost. 

Friends…The devil is not a red guy with a pitch fork. He is smart and well calculated so don’t underestimate him. Walk with your eyes in your head! If you dance with the devil, you don’t change him. He changes you. Don’t you dare settle.If you ‘need’ a break from God… Don’t take it! No prodigal ever had a good story away from home!

Then, this is for you ..young preacher, social media enthusiast….internet savvy ..10k followers on twitter and instagram ..If your preaching for popularity you will always have problems because Jesus will always be more popular than you!! The worlds system will applaud you for being spiritual as long as your spirituality is not biblical………Let your character preach more loudly than your post on social media.
Being about Jesus online is awesome but do your colleagues,friends and roommates see a difference in your demeanour and attitude?because Being a Christian is not about how Christian you look from the outside. It’s about your personal relationship with Christ.
Fun at the University doesn’t start and end at the club “Go and evangelise at the pub.Set and example for nonbelievers that they may question their disbelief, that they may see a positive difference in you.
You’ve got money for movie tickets but have excuses when it comes to offerings and #tithes. Who is fooling… who? 

Although God knows everything there are some things I struggle to let out to Him… ..Start by calling it a sin! We need to call it what it is! Sometimes we all need to take drastic measures to deal with our secret sin.

No, none of us are perfect. But flaunting a voluntary, willful sin like it’s “casual” shows nonbelievers that sin is acceptable… Claiming grace always abound.. We’ve all fallen short of the glory of God, but let us not take up residence in the place of the fall.. We don’t have to stay there. That’s why those who are still under the control of their sinful nature can never please God. (Romans 8:8) .If you find yourself overwhelmed, it may be a sign that you’re spending less time with God and more consumed with this world. Seek Him again. 

Friends…Be as QUICK to KNEEL and pray as YOU do to Text your boo / bae.
Selah 👏💥


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