Fighting Temptation

Hi guys, so I wrote this towards the end last year but shared it on my IG page 📄. But I just got  a leading to post 📯 it here. Yet another victory ✌ for Jesus… Read 📖 and be blessed.
I guess you are familiar with the phrase Fighting Temptation.. It’s either you know it as a title of a movie or song.. Those born in the 1990s can relate with this well… But for me when I saw the above art piece by @officialartword,Its brought back to my memory an experience i had during the cause of the year.

Friends, indeed the flesh is weak, but the Spirit is strong! We must kill our flesh daily, and cling to the Spirit of God!
So I went to work on that faithful day and I needed to exchange 💱 some foreign currency ($) to Naira (#) for the office. So I got the Mallam who was supposed to exchange the money for me. We negotiated the price and all… While negotiating he said was buying at #385 per but he was going to exchange it for me @ #387 per dollar that the 2 Naira on each dollar will be mine and he was going to give a receipt that is for the #387 per dollar and nobody will know at the office.

I was really broke at that time and I needed some money to pay for my professional exams. Trust me as an accountant, Immediately he said it, I quickly did the calculation in my head of how much i was going to make from the extra money..and It was a huge sum that was enough to meet my need at that point. As a Christian who has the fear 😱 of God.. I knew it was wrong but my flesh won’t let me be. It lead to a battle my spirit and my flesh. Glory to God.. The spirit won as usual… I don’t compromise I told the Mallam outrightly that I wasn’t interested. He was shocked 😲.. He tried to convince me.. But I didn’t agree 👍. I refused to compromise. It was another victory ✌ for Jesus.

So  friends.. Falling for temptation is like an hour glass. Every wrong thing you choose not to resist, gives way for little sand to pass through to the other side… It goes on and on. S L O W L Y…Like nothing is happening… Until one part is full and the other is empty. Leaving you full on Flesh, empty on Spirit.


5 Christian-Owned Companies With Godly Values

​Christian-owned companies are diamonds in the ruff. It can be quite difficult to find a company or a store whose owner(s) shares the same ideals as you.
As you may know, companies are made with different purposes. Some business owners simply want to make money, but for others, there’s a deeper purpose for it.So if you’re in the United States you probably know about In N’ Out Burger and Chick-Fil-A, but there are still other Christian companies out there to support. Take a look at these 5 Christian companies with Godly values that you should know about:

1. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a one-stop-fashion shop for everyone. You will practically find everything you need here from clothes, bags, shoes and even makeup. Many are fond of shopping here because the prices are affordable and there’s a wide array of fashion choices.

However, what makes F21 very special is that this is actually a Christian-owned company. The Changs are born-again Christians and Mrs. Chang, co-owner of F21 once shared that opening the store is God’s calling for her. You can actually see “John 3:16” printed under the plastic bags.

2. Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash, owner of this cosmetic brand, built the company with a goal in mind–to let all women know that they are beautiful creations of God. This has been her motivation ever since. She also attributes the success of Mary Kay to God, sharing the company is blessed because they had the right motivation behind it. So if you’re planning to buy some beauty products and cosmetic, put Mary Kay on your list.

3. Interstate Batteries

At face value, Interstate Batteries may not look like a Christian company. But once you read the company’s purpose and values, you’d be surprised! The mission statement reads:

Our Purpose

To glorify God and enrich lives as we deliver the most trustworthy source of power to the world.

Our Values

LOVE. Treat others like you’d want to be treated.

SERVANT’S HEART. Lead with what people need.

EXCELLENCE. Do great things with the gifts you’ve been given.

COURAGE. Learn, improve and boldly drive change that matters.

FUN. Work hard, laugh often.

TEAM. Together, we’re better.
INTEGRITY. Be who you are and live up to your commitments.

4. Tyson Foods

John Tyson, owner of Tyson Foods, launched the Chaplaincy Program in 2000. The program aims to employ chaplains who will help motivate, encourage and pray with their team members. Currently, there are 115 chaplains employed in Tyson Foods with 113,000 team members.

5. Hobby Lobby

This arts and crafts chain store donates and ministers. Hobby Lobby donates 10 percent of its in-store discounts to school, churches and charities and can also arrange for its customers to get the discount for donations. One of the company’s mission statements says “We are committed to…Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.” This is also why the store is closed on Sundays.

Not all company owners are money hungry; there are really good ones out there who uses their hands for serving God. Let’s continue to watch out for Christian-owned companies and help support them and their cause.