About Me


I am Yomi Owobo. Thanks for visiting! I am honoured you’re here.

I wait on IMG_20150608_180049-01God’s best for me. I have days where I fall asleep while praying or reading His word..I sometimes do not feel like reading His Words (I’m just human ). I’m falling deeper in love with God’s love each and every day.I love talking to strangers sometimes ! I’m full of joy! I’m just a vessel desiring to be used by God each and every day! I am that young guy who puts raisins on his rice or spinach on his eggs and drives an automatic shift with both feet! This is another way of saying that I tend to find a way to blend things that are seemingly incompatible. This is a direct representation of how diverse my interests are. I am a dynamic accountant who is interested in teens and young people. I love connecting with young adults and strategizing how to better equip them for life, relationships and a faith that goes the distance.            I use this blog as a platform for inspiration, where each post inspires you- through information,ideas,art ,faith and personal testimonies.



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