Walk the talk! 

​You tell us to focus on putting God first and intentionally seeking His face first thing when we wake-up, yet the first thing you do when you wake up is grap your phone 📱.. To check your social media updates.. What if we stop making our phones lords over our Lord? 

You post on your social media accounts every now and then about God and His words yet your actions contradicts your words. 

You rather choose to talk , the talk and not walk 🚶 the talk. 

Your posts about purity are so lit yet you still indulge in per marital sex. Who do you think you are fooling? Obviously not God. 

On that day, the heavens will open and the weather will change rapidly, but you will think it’s a weather for two. No dear! It’s rapture  just continue. 

You post about His love, yet your refuse to give your roommate who has ulcer a tin of milk because you are yet to open it. 😌 please , where did you learn your own agape love from? Sure you were not touched beyond words. 

You got a beautiful voice, no doubt and sing in the choir but what you know how to do best with your mouth 👄 when you are not singing in church is to judge, criticize, and gossip about others young Christians. 

You wear Christian tees, with scriptures boldly written on them yet putting God first and intentionally seeking His face is the last thing on your slate. 

Despite your increased knowledge of His word by attending bible study every Tuesdays, you did not have His heart in you. 

How would you feel that you sat in Church ⛪ every week, only to spend eternity in hell because you confessed to be a Christian but denied Him with your lifestyle? Just think about this. 

Just for the record, If you have invited Jesus to make a home in your heart then stop trying to keep sin as a roommate. ✋

Its so sad that many young people profess Christ, but dwell in their sin, then die just to hear “Depart from Me. I never knew you, you did not abide in my love, and couldn’t bear fruit” … May this not be our experience. 

What a cheap trade, to choose the world and lose my life source (Luke 9:25)!

It is high time we got it right with Jesus with a genuine heart ♥.

 I guess you know that plants thrive when they’re deeply rooted in good soil. People thrive when they’re deeply rooted in Christ.Are you planted?

You have all the time in the world to get saved, have fun now” then you choose to be a part time Christian. This thought runs through your mind,  right? 

You can only be on one team! Christ or the enemy! No double siding! It’s either you’re a disciple or you’re a Judas?

You cannot entertain the things of this world & claim to still love God. It’s enmity.

The Lord doesn’t need a tweet or a post from you, of course other people do. What He needs? He needs your time, your heart, your focus & your dedication. We were created for more!

I am not judging everyone here.. I actually don’t like to burst everyone’s little bubbles.. Put we need to constantly remind ourselves of the truth. 

But the good news is that no matter the number of times you must have rubbed His name in the mud!God’s love is so amazing ..

No matter how much you cheat God, have affairs against Him…He still remains faithful to you. Can we dig how deep His love is ❤️ ️? 

 He would keep showing you mercy time and time again.. Because you did not choose Him, but He chose you (John 15:16) and What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? (Romans:6:1) of cause No.

Christianity is not a dress rehearsal! You only have one chance so step out and know that God’s got your back🔥🔥🔥 

So next next time when you tell us to listen to only gospel songs 🎶 make sure… God is the “headphones” in your life. Listen to Him and don’t take Him off in order to listen to another voice; Satan’s voice… 😘.. 😘 


Dear young folks, Trust Him


I just keep wondering why young people tend  to complain when God is working on our situations or circumstances. Why do we lack patience and understanding?Have you ever thought about this? Just imagine when you take your phone or car to the repairer’s workshop to get it fixed… Don’t you wait patiently for the numbers of hours it going to take to get it fixed?Yes of course, we do. We even trust the repairer’s ability to fix the problem,with less worries in our minds.. So why do we get worried when God is working out our situation on our behalf? We sometimes get to the extent that we trade our faith for doubts, we seek for help elsewhere and make lot of negative comments about God. I just want to encourage someone. It’s  time you let go and let God take control and just watch him work out that situation on your behalf… Cast your burden upon him and see Him turn your mess into an inspiring message.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5
God’s plan is always the best. The process might be painful & hard, but don’t forget that when God is silent, He’s doing something for you.
God has a special timing. Never early. Never late. It takes patience and faith. But it’s worth the wait.

It’s tattoos again


I was recently walking down the road when i spot the love tattoo peeking out of the low rise jeans of a pretty lady on a motor bike that had just passed by me. At first the lady looked so pretty to me but immediately i saw the tattoo,the reverse was the case. I certainly know am not the alone person in this planet with same opinion about tattoos.
Some people love it with a dear heart, while some hates it passionately, just like i do. What category do you belong?
By the time you must have finished reading through, i believe you would find a  category to fit in.
Some would say that tattoos are simply a harmless expression of individuality. Yes, it could be a form of  individual expression, as reasoned by some and it could also be  a sign of trouble when lust,adultery, nudity,and other vices are promoted by such tattoos,then it’s an obvious sign of trouble.


The tattoo rave is surprisingly common amongst the female folks; as you find it in  every suggestive and seductive place, imaginable; what should be covered is left open to flaunt the tattoos.
Some persons argued that tattoos is the latest way for younger generation to distinguish itself from it predecessors. So what’s the big deal?
Back in history, tattoos were worn by drunkard and criminals make it a big deal for responsible individuals now to wear them ?or  the fact that Greeks and Romans of the bygone times used tattoos for identifying slaves and criminals make it less acceptable now?
However,study conducted provided strong evidence that a tattoo may be a visible clue that a teenager is headed in the wrong direction,(that means that lady is heading for……)the survey showed that tattooed teens were almost four times as likely as their peers to have had sex(so apparently you see less virigins amongst tattooed chicks) and about twice as likely to abuse drugs,alcohol or cigarettes (obviously tatooed fellows are most likely to be drunkard,smokers and drug addicts).
If these could be true for teenagers, then tattoos can be an obvious sign of trouble for anyone,regardless of their age or sex.
Don’t get lured into the insane rave of the most,your body is much more precious than that. The bible declared that we are the temple of the lord; so who you rather mess his temple up or do the the opposite. For God bought you with a high price,so we must honour God with your body. Anytime the thought of Having a tatoo comes to your mind, also remember you have a holy presence.
Lets keep making the difference always.

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1. You have or are growing a strong character and will never
give in to peer pressure.
2. You know you are unique. You know no-one is like you. You
will never lose that uniqueness, that true identity to others.
3. You are totally focused on your goals and objectives.
4. You know exactly where you are going in the world.
5. You have the ability to get back on your feet and move
forward when life throws you down.
6. You have respect for every human being because you know
we are somehow linked.
7. You have no comprehension of discrimination. Everyone is
8. You KNOW that Knowledge/Education is important to your
future and to the future of your kids.
9. You know the difference between right and wrong.
10. You learn from mistakes and construct upon them.
11. You respect and listen to the wisdom of the older
12. You give more than you take.
13. You know that your life will be a mirror reflection of how you
treat others.
14. You know that personal sacrifices now will pay dividends
15. You know that gangs are for followers and not leaders.
16. You know that drugs and excessive alcohol can be crutches
to hide pain. But you also know that you need to face that pain.
17. You are proud of your achievements, talents, skills and
18. You accept that every human being makes mistakes and
has weaknesses including you.
19. You appreciate the sacrifices that people close to you have
made for you.
20. You are always a good friend striving to offer unconditional
21. You know that happiness comes from within.
22. You are or will be a great father/mother to your kids.
23. You know that success is down to determination, hard work
and a positive mental attitude
24. You know deep down that when you are old you can look
back and know that your life was worthwhile.
Written by Juliana Ibukunoluwa Povianu >

Second Generation’s Blog©

Integrity or Corruption- Take A Survey


Which will you have ?
Tick one answer
1. You find some money on your school compound:
( ) a. You look around and see that no one is watching and put it in your pocket.
( ) b. You ask around and if no one says it is theirs,you immediately buy ice-cream with it.
( ) c. You take it to your teacher to announce it at assembly.

2. You are writing examinations and you cannot remember the answer to some questions:
( ) a. You stretch your neck to see if you can copy from that smart girl next to you.
( ) b. You whisper to your friend to give you just one answer.
( ) c. You pray and ask God to help you remember the answer to the questions and you answer the best way you can.

3. You find yourself in boarding school and you have to sweep you working portion but unfortunately,you have no idea how to sweep:
( ) a. You pay money to another

classmate to sweep your working portion.
( ) b. You beg your friend to sweep for you.
( ) c. You sweep your portion and make up your mind to learn as the days go by.
4. Your senior catches you loitering around the school compound during class hours:
( ) a. You give him some money to keep his mouth shut.
( ) b. You make excuses for breaking the school rules
( ) C. You apologise to him and take the punishment for your wrong actions.

5. Your big sister leaves her cell phone around:
( ) a. You pick it up,make a call for over an hour and delete the record.
( ) b. You make a call without asking your sister,but go ahead and buy some credit so she doesn’t realise it’s used.
( ) c. You ask your sister if you can use her phone before you use it.

Rate yourself: Answer a=1, b=2, c=3
~Add up your scores. if you numbers add up to 11-15,good job,you know what is right and you are ready to stand up for it. keep it up
~if you numbers add up to 6-10,you try to rationalise sin,you need to need to make up your mind whether to stand for right or wrong. God hates double standards.
~if you numbers add up to 1-5,you need to take a good look at your level of integrity. You do not worry about what God thinks. You integrity is at stake.
God bless you

Daniel and Deborah Teens Monthly Summit Highlights(october,2013)


Several teenagers gathered last weekend on 19th October,2013 as the first edition of the Daniel and Deborah teens(DDteens) monthly summit which took place at Living Faith Church Kabba, Kogi State.
The Summit under the theme ‘Dare to Be Different”witnessed a faculty of 2 distinguished speakers as well as the convener, Owobo Olorunyomi.
In his opening address, Owobo Olorunyomi said the idea of The Summit and the teens division of Youth With A Difference(Y-WAD) was conceived many years ago in a bid to empower teenagers to Discover,Develop and Deploy their potentials and uniqueness so that they can stand out as true role model in life and working in the steps of the Biblical Daniel and Deborah,he also said that the division has Spirituality,Creativity,Love, Excellence,Purity,Vision,Leadership as her core value.

He later spoke on the topic ”The power of creativity”,taking his text from Philippians 4vs13 and Genesis 1vs1,He went further by explaining the meaning of creativity ,the mystery of creativity, enemies of creativity and ways to test new ideas and he shared other inspirational real life stories and experience with the teens.
The second speaker was Olatunde kolawole, the Programme manager of Youth With A Difference(Y-WAD) in his session called for the teens to live a Godly life participate in the transformation of Nigeria, west Africa and the world as large by developing a lifestyle worthy of emulation, his discussion was title ”Ten Times Better” where he exposed the teens to the meaning of Greatness an

d what it takes to making a difference. His discussion was centrally on the Book of Daniel, he said Daniel was a man who stood for Christ and made a difference during his time on earth. He spoke about the importance and hindrances of been Ten Times Better.
It was really a 100% RCF (Real,Cool and Fun) experience for the teens as the summit featured lots of Games ranging from Bible charades,Ten Plaques,Faster Drinker,Dance and Sit and the likes.
The teens had short inspirational video clips to watch, Quiz ,dance,music and interactive sessions.
During the interactive session the teens were giving a discussion card to make some important discussion and which they did and signed it and promising to live by the discussion they made and the questions and answers segment also took place during the interactive session.
Launch was served and photography and testimonies were taking as the summit draw to an end with an closing prayer.

For more information visithttp://www.youthwithadifference.org
Or follow Us on twitter @ywadgroup or @ddteens

Inspiring the African Girl Child! 10 Year-Old Nigerian Girl Zuriel Oduwole Visits Malawi in her “Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up” Program


When a 10 year-old girl is conducting interviews
with world leaders such as Jesse Jackson and
having a feature in the renowned Forbes Africa
magazine, you know there is something special
about her.
Zuriel Oduwole, the incredibly gifted and
talented Nigerian Girl is in the news again
having just concluded her visit to Malawi, where
she formally launched the second country
destination point in her Dream Up, Speak Up,
Stand Up program, aimed at inspiring the
African Girl Child.
Nigeria was the first country she visited in
March this year. She was welcomed to Malawi
recently by the US Ambassador, Jeanine Jackson
and the Public Affairs officer, Gabriel Hons-
Olivier . Ambassador Jackson described Zuriel as
a true Ambassador of Mutual Friendship, who
has done an incredible job as a global citizen to
bring a fresh perspective on the need to educate
the African Girl Child.
During her visit, Zuriel visited several schools
including the Bishop McKenzie School, Dzuka
Girls High School , and the largest school in
Africa for AIDS related Orphans – Jacaranda
School . She interviewed the schools founder;
Marie Da Silva , a CNN Hero winner in 2008, on
the challenges of delivering on the promise of
the schools free education for the Orphans, in a
tough environment like Malawi. Zuriel capped off
her stay with a visit to a radio station, where
she spoke to students and their parents on the
value of early education, and the need to keep
the Girl Child in school. She has since left
Malawi for Tanzania, the next stop of her
program tour and arrived early this afternoon.
On her way through this program, for Africa
Zuriel has now interviewed 8 current African
Presidents and 2 former African Presidents,
covering a wide variety of topics from the UN
Millennium Development Goals, to the
Education of Africa’s children. These include the
current Presidents of Liberia, Kenya, Cape Verde,
South Sudan, Mauritius, Tanzania, Malawi, and
Nigeria. She also recently interviewed on a one-
on-one a select few high power delegate in New
York to the just concluded Clinton Global
Initiatives , including the Rev Jesse Jackson, and
the Denmark delegation to the UN, on DANIDA’s
activities in Africa.
She is due to focus on the Caribbean region
next, where she is scheduled to start meeting
with leaders from the region starting with
Jamaica, later this month.
What an inspiring young girl!