God Works …The Night Shift




Location – On my Bed

Time : 12:30 am

Date :21st April,2016

I was wondering why I couldn’t sleep last night unlike other days. It was already few minutes before 12 am  yet I haven’t slept yet. My eyes were so clear that I could see even in darkness, I could even see those giant Lagos mosquitoes flying all around the room.

Was it because I am yet to recover from the shock of the incident that happened last night?or Was is the noise from the generator ? as usual Nepa wouldn’t just want you to sleep well under the fan. Or maybe the hot weather?perhaps
I can’t stop blaming myself about the decision i made before the incident happened and thus it has decided to stop my flow of sleep. So I rolled to the other side of the bed and I started asking myself questions like – Is it a bad thing to render help to other people? Is bad to be nice? Why are people so mean? Why do people want to make themselves happy at the expense of others?

Last night, I closed a bit late from the office, when I mean late I mean a few minutes past 9 pm.To me it wasn’t really late because, my house is just 100 Naira Okada from the office, so it’s really not that far and cause it takes me less ten minutes to get to the office and again, I used to close later than that where i used to work before and I get home safely without any hitch.

So why did I stayed this long? a colleague of mine wanted to print this long schedule that was on an excel spreadsheet and she had issues with it so I decided stayed back to help her out.
She wanted like 16 rows on just one sheet and it was difficult to print (mehn this stuff took us like three hours)

She started like 6:30 pm and I late joined her while I was about leaving at around 7:30 pm when I asked her if she wasn’t done for the day and she responded passionately “Yomi, i am not o, are you going to leave me here ? Those words melted me down and I had to help her out.

I thought it wasn’t going to take me less than a few minutes because I could use Microsoft Excel well but that wasn’t the case,so unfortunately, It was the reverse. It was that bad that at first I had to roll up my sleeves, then at another point i loosen my tie yet to no avail. We both tried our best but it Sha refused to print and we concluded that we were going to continue the next day.

So I hibernated my laptop and put it into my work bag and said adieu to my colleagues and left the office. Just a few walks from the office I brought out my phone from my pocket to reply chats i had from my friends and folks during the day.Held my phone with my right hand ✋ and my work bag with my left hand whilst i walked down the road.

At a point ,i stopped and crossed to the other side of the road so i could see vehicles coming my direction. It was a bit dark though but the street was still busy with  people,cars,bikes and keke still moving on the road. Just for me to look up when i had finished replying the messages on my phone and i saw two guy on okada riding towards my direction and before i could blink my eyes with force the other guy sitting on the bike grabbed my bag from me.Yes, He snatched it from me and  i screamed JESUS. I was left with just the handle of my bag. I was shocked ,scared and confused because i never expected such an incident to happen to me , not even at this time when the street was this busy.

Lo and below, as God would have it, the bag fell to the ground from the guy who snatched it from me and he couldn’t come down from the bike to pick it up. I quickly ran to the place where it fell and picked up my bag. I started thanking God for delivering from the hand of those thefts while i walked down and immediately i stopped a bike without even bargaining and I told him to take me to my house.  And that was how God saved me from the hands of those guys ooooo…

Jabulani, i am beginning to feel sleepy ,as i turn to the other side of my bed ,the Holy spirit reminded me of Psalms 121 and  i picked up my Bible to read it and i saw the practical demonstration of this Psalms last night.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.

The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.

The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. King James Version (KJV)

Goodnight friends and folks Here is something to think about…“The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God”





The Conversion Episode 2


Bimbo II: Nice art

Bimbo II: @ur dp

Yomi Owobo: You love it?

Bimbo II: Saved it

Bimbo II: Wanna explain this one too?

Yomi Owobo: Yes

Bimbo II: Oya na

Yomi Owobo: Tell me what you think about the picture first

Bimbo II: I just knew you were gonna ask
Yomi Owobo: How did you know that?

Yomi Owobo: I am beginning to be easily predictable

Bimbo II: Lol… it’s not such a bad thing. Although I like spontaneous

Bimbo II: Spontaneous sometimes

Yomi Owobo: So what do you think about it?

Bimbo II: So sorry for the break in transmission

Bimbo II: Rough ride home

Bimbo II: So the picture… I think it depicts trust. There’s definitely a relationship between them and although she’s not sure, she’s trusting the guy anyway to her up and not let her down.

Yomi Owobo: Pele

Yomi Owobo: Hope you are home?

Bimbo II: I can also say they’re both happy😀

Bimbo II: Yep

Bimbo II: Freshened up and on my bed

Yomi Owobo: You are right…

Yomi Owobo: I think for me… It is a relationship the shows high level of trust and selflessness

Yomi Owobo: Do you know that under normal circumstances, guys have this ego ish. It’s as beautiful as the picture illustrate the woman on the top… Here the guy is able to let go his ego and let the woman shines

Bimbo II: Hmm… So he strengthens and encourages her to rise and shine

Yomi Owobo: Yes… That’s where unique role of both couples comes to play, the unique role of support….for her to shine, stay on top of her game.. She needs the support of her spouse
Bimbo II: Point taken… thanks

Yomi Owobo: You could see the joy in the lady.. Though it is coupled with fear.. But we could see how excited she is.. She feels like she just won baba ijebu….
Yomi Owobo: Really… Nice preferences you got..

Yomi Owobo: A guy like this dude…. He would always put you and your needs first regardless of the sacrifices he has to make and without being asked……

Bimbo II: All of these in one piece of art…

Yomi Owobo: Smiling ☺
Bimbo II: What do you say we go to an art gallery?

Yomi Owobo: He will surely respect your views and your feelings and goes the extra mile to keep you happy even when it doesn’t suit him.. But in this case. The guy was happy oo😊

Yomi Owobo: Sure that it’s part of my bucket lists 📃 of places i would love to visit this year

Yomi Owobo: If you hear, or read about any exhibitions.. Just like me know

Bimbo II: They’re both happy… lucky them…

Yomi Owobo: You know that imaginary happiness we have when we watch Indian romantic movies…

Bimbo II: Lol… their over exaggerated perfect love stories😀

Yomi Owobo: Don’t mind them… But come to think about it… Their movies are quite interesting. Only a few ladies hate them…. Of course I know you love them

Yomi Owobo: Just shock me, by saying you don’t like them… 👀

Bimbo II: Lol

Bimbo II: You know i’m more logical than emotional, the logical me knows they’re lying, but the emotional me says, just enjoy it. Once in a while.

Yomi Owobo: A guy like this… Ehn… He surely will love having you around a whole lot. You seem to suddenly be more important than his buddies, his family and his favorite TV shows and for him it isn’t about sex! It’s much more about his God’s kind of love for you

Bimbo II: I rarely watch their movies

Bimbo II: His football games nko?

Bimbo II: And P.S…?

Yomi Owobo: I can’t guarantee that one o.. Because that guy in the picture looks like someone that can’t compromise that… Lol 😁

Yomi Owobo: Ladies ehn… Hasn’t he tried enough.. Lost his buddies, 👪 family and favorite 📺 show. Isn’t that enough?

Bimbo II: Lmao!😀

Bimbo II: Yomi are you sure it’s not you in that picture?
Bimbo II: You seem to know him too well…

Yomi Owobo: Haba Bimbo…. I am not white now…black ooo… 😁

Yomi Owobo: See ehn that guy again…would make it his duty to put a smile on your face. Solving your problems becomes his priority….

Yomi Owobo: For that lady.. Her own problem was to stand on the guy’s hands 👐.. Sharp guy, He solved it…perfectly

Yomi Owobo: He acted goofy so that he could make her laugh and you know that when you make a lady laugh often. It’s an evidence that you are scoring goals in her heart ♥

Yomi Owobo: I don’t mean literally soccer ⚽ goals ooo…I know you understand better

Bimbo II: Yea…

Bimbo II: I do

Bimbo II: It’s why your lover should be your best friend

Yomi Owobo: If there’s anything other than best.. It will be acceptable

Yomi Owobo: …… No one can be dedicated to cheering you up! Like him… Whether in richness or poorness.. If there is anything like that…

Yomi Owobo: With this it’s evident… That he loves you…surely… He definitely loves you…

Bimbo II: This sounds like a movie to me,  do such persons still exist?

Yomi Owobo: Yes of course

Yomi Owobo: These are not too much for a guy that loves you

Bimbo II: Yes I guess, that breed is quite rare now.

Yomi Owobo: Well, they exist ooo..You could call them the Proverb 31 Guys…and not Yoruba demons …smiles

Yomi Owobo: Gat to go and prepare for work, I’m running late already……..Talk to you later… It’s TGIF.

The Conversation Episode 1


Bimbo II:  What’s ur dp abt?

Yomi Owobo: The boy and the lion?

Yomi Owobo: You don’t like it ba?

Bimbo II: The dp?

Yomi Owobo: Yup

Bimbo II: I’m indifferent

Bimbo II: I just didn’t understand it

Yomi Owobo: Really

Bimbo II: Yep

Yomi Owobo: I should remove it?

Bimbo II: Why?

Yomi Owobo: Maybe it’s that bad?

Bimbo II: Lol

Bimbo II: No na

Bimbo II: Bad ke?

Yomi Owobo: Tor

Yomi Owobo: I just love the picture ni.. The blend of two distinct creatures.. It makes more sense, if you understand the power of compatibility between two different types of things or people

Bimbo II: Now I’m begining to understand and love it

Bimbo II: Pele, marketer

Yomi Owobo: Lol… mi not marketer oo..Accountant ni mi ooo…

Yomi Owobo: It’s just taking a look at it with your inner mind and eyes

Yomi Owobo: It makes more more sense … If you consider the type of animal and the gesture it shows towards the boy… Receiving a huge from him

Yomi Owobo: You know understand normal circumstances.. The wild creature will devour the poor lad…without a second thought

Bimbo II: Yep

Bimbo II: I quite understand

Yomi Owobo: But the photographer was able to have a blend of two different creatures in an impossible 🙅 situation.. And so is it too 👨 and 👩. Though theirs is not a dangerous as the boy and the lion, i am just being scarsctisc …

Inclusion it’s not more about the similarities.. It’s more about two different things or people’s with lots of different to be willing to be compatible.. And live together happily after…(Marriage niyen)

Yomi Owobo: So that’s why I have the picture up on my dp…

Bimbo II: Ose👍🏼 analyst

Yomi Owobo: Don’t mind me jor.. That’s what we melancholy love to do… We have a deeper understanding of art, music 🎶, nature, photographs and the likes

Bimbo II: Enle

Yomi Owobo: Smiling…Enjoy your day.

This was a conversion between Bimbo Olobayo and i on whatsapp early this morning.