Happy Birthday CEO

IMG-20160509-WA0016This is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Its has been God all the way,it’s His Grace that has kept me thus far to see yet another June 3rd-my birthday .How amazing is this grace and how sweet is the sound. Father, I return all the glory to You alone.

As I celebrate 󾔗 my birthday 󾔑 today. I will love to share with you a few things i have learnt in my 20 something years on earth 🌍 ;

* One of the biggest keys to surviving your 20’s is learning how to move on. Move on from jobs, negative influences , habits, characters, attitudes & situations. Know when to say “No”,when to say “I will think about it “and say “Yes” #MoveOn 󾟙

*Don’t let anyone tell you that the top is crowded, there’s so much space there, just make sure you locate your spot. The only crowded place is the bottom󾮟.

*On this God’s green earth 🌍, With your potentials, you stand alone,but your potentials plus Jesus makes you stand out… One with Christ is majority. What a perfect combo that could be.

*It’s a wild world 🌍 West, Though hundreds of steps can be taken away from God but there is only one step needed to return- repentance and faith in Jesus!

*God gives us faith that can move mountains, but sometimes the mountain that needs moving is inside of us. We need to constantly move ourselves to greatness. Of course, Everybody sees the same sky but not everyone sees the same horizon.

*Sex is given by God as an expression of love to be shared and enjoyed exclusively between a husband and wife. Not between boyfriends and girlfriends. Marriage is honorable with the bed undefiled. Seek purity in everything you do & above that seek the Lord’s kingdom.

*I would say one of the main things I’ve learned since starting #YOUTHWITHADIFFERENCE is patience. Nothing happens overnight. I’ve learned to take baby steps and accept that things dont have to be 100% complete or perfect. Its a matter of process and iteration because there will always be room for improvement and growth.

*Nothing pays off like hard work.. Friends, it doesn’t kill. It only makes you useful and needed and it is even more better if you are smart. If you want to be sorted after? Be a hard worker and a smart worker. This is just the game changer for a successful career.

*Have values that you can’t compromise. it could be purity, Spirituality, love and the likes. Just make sure you have positive Values. Positive ones would help sharpen your life and decisions you make here on earth. With consciously chosen values, you will make less mistake and have less regrets.

*Make friends, Have friends.. Friendships like David and Jonathan specification. Sometimes even with strangers. Love ,respect kindness and gratitude are not just things to think about in your friendship, they must be put into action.

*I thought I should share this with you. This is my route every morning.
Wake up 4:30am daily
1. Pray/worship/mediate
2. Listen to a faith building message.
3. Read something,something new actually
4. Review my dreams & goals.
5. Map out my day(live on purpose)
6. Exercise (though it just joined the list 󾕀 recently)
7. Tackle the most difficult things first.

* To You reading this and wondering how old 󾆨 is this guy… Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire 󾓶. #MakeADifference #standout and to do this #discover #develop #deploy your God given gifts and potentials

I leave you with this, though quite personal, despite all my accomplishments in life , I want to be remembered for my wisdom, my faith in God and my ability to communicate big truths with simplicity, beauty and grace to young people. – simply put impact.

See you next June 3rd,
Olorunyomi Owobo
(Christian Encouraging Others)


Reward for Passion

IMG_20160525_020352I love soccer,though as a lady, quite uncommon, isn’t it? of cause,it is. I have been a fan of Arsenal football club for decades now. smiles… I recently went to the game house to watch the match they had against Manchester united FC, All through the first half of the game ,both teams had a tie,it was really that bad that i started praying in my heart that my club should just score one more goal so they could win the match, few seconds into my prayers,I heard a shout behind me…A guy’s passion has being rewarded.Immediately there was a leap in my heart that I had to stop praying. If Arsenal had not won that match,the guy would have returned home sober without a reward and I wonder how much he has spent into it while I on the other hand was not expecting any reward, my own passion was just for winning sake.This gave my mind a flash back to one Saturday evening while I was still serving my country as a corp member, I came across this 9JaBet advert on a billboards that says ‘REWARD FOR PASSION’ through have been seeing this particular advert for a long time but that particular evening was quite different.I was like Whaoo… Imagine this much reward for those that are so passionate about soccer, how much more is available for everyone who is so passionate about the things of God? How passionate are you about winning souls for Christ?knowing that God’s reward to mankind is Beyond our IMAGINATIONS. “Now he who plants and he who waters are one; but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor”1st Corinthians 3:8 

 Be Rest Assured That The Reward You Will Get Is A Function Of How Passionate You Are.


Written By :Adebusola Adeyemo

Dad,We love you like Roses love the fall


Dear Dad,

It is that time of the year I write to you, on the 10th day of May every year. I almost missed it is because of my busy schedule at work. Dad, your boy is finally becoming a man, saddled with a lot of responsibilities. How are you doing over there? Trust you are doing well?

It’s 20 years today that you crossed to the other side to be with the Lord, those babies that were given birth to immediately after your glorious exit voted in the last general election, see how time flies? lol!

Daddy, many things have happened within the space of 20 years and we are entirely grateful to God for all these things. Your exit has taught us that a closed curtain doesn’t mean the production is over. The curtain has to close to set up for the next scene to begin.
Dad, the vacuum you left still remains unoccupied but someone has been playing your role perfectly, this guy has been faithful, loving and caring to all of us as a family.

When the storm of life beckons, even in those storms, in the loneliest times of all, we are never really alone. He has always and will continue to keep His promises till the end. Guess who? It’s the man you live up there with . His love is like the sun, constant and unchanging. Nothing can take that away. Sometimes He allows us to hit rock bottom to show us that He is the ROCK at the bottom. No matter how low we get, God’s love reaches lower.

Instead of focusing on what’s missing (the father figure) we choose to use our energy for the greater good. We have fought so many battles without you. We have experienced different shades of difficulties, just like the rocks and the thorn trees – Hard and dry. But in all we came out successful and victorious.
No doubt your death was part of the bigger plan.
Since you left, you know, there’s been a shortage of good men in this world. It’s like the earth only allows so many of them here at a time. Dad, you are a good man, probably that’s why you died. It ain’t fair. That’s just the way life is. Ain’t nothing in the world we can do about it. You were a definition of a cool and humble man. You were one of the smartest and most gifted men I have ever known.
Mommy, misses you a lot. She tells us how much she misses you she recently shared stories of your good times together. They were so interesting… She’s beginning to reap the fruits of her labour…wish you were here, it would have been so perfect. Mommy, may not be rich but she has always found a way to make sure we had everything we ever needed and for that we are forever grateful. She is indeed a super woman. I will surely love to marry a woman of her kind. Mummy Ronke Yemi Grace Owobo;We love you pieces.

Dad, we know you are up in heaven and we love you and miss you very much and still think about you to this day. We are sure, you are very proud of your children. I, My Jewel Ronke Owobo detective Owobo Tosin & lilGbenga Owobo loves you like the roses love the fall.
Just before I drop my pen ….i still remember you bring roasted crickets and rabbit from your place of work(Farm) for us, the birthday party of your friend’s children we attended together and the nice time we had together at the amusement park.

If dreams weren’t dreams and dreams come true, I wouldn’t have to write to you, instead I would have a proper man to man conversation with you.

Distance is one thing that keeps us apart, but dad you will always remain in our hearts.
Once more we love you like Roses love the fall….Rest on Engr. Vincent Owobo……

Dear young folks, Trust Him


I just keep wondering why young people tend  to complain when God is working on our situations or circumstances. Why do we lack patience and understanding?Have you ever thought about this? Just imagine when you take your phone or car to the repairer’s workshop to get it fixed… Don’t you wait patiently for the numbers of hours it going to take to get it fixed?Yes of course, we do. We even trust the repairer’s ability to fix the problem,with less worries in our minds.. So why do we get worried when God is working out our situation on our behalf? We sometimes get to the extent that we trade our faith for doubts, we seek for help elsewhere and make lot of negative comments about God. I just want to encourage someone. It’s  time you let go and let God take control and just watch him work out that situation on your behalf… Cast your burden upon him and see Him turn your mess into an inspiring message.
Trust in the LORD with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5
God’s plan is always the best. The process might be painful & hard, but don’t forget that when God is silent, He’s doing something for you.
God has a special timing. Never early. Never late. It takes patience and faith. But it’s worth the wait.

God Works …The Night Shift




Location – On my Bed

Time : 12:30 am

Date :21st April,2016

I was wondering why I couldn’t sleep last night unlike other days. It was already few minutes before 12 am  yet I haven’t slept yet. My eyes were so clear that I could see even in darkness, I could even see those giant Lagos mosquitoes flying all around the room.

Was it because I am yet to recover from the shock of the incident that happened last night?or Was is the noise from the generator ? as usual Nepa wouldn’t just want you to sleep well under the fan. Or maybe the hot weather?perhaps
I can’t stop blaming myself about the decision i made before the incident happened and thus it has decided to stop my flow of sleep. So I rolled to the other side of the bed and I started asking myself questions like – Is it a bad thing to render help to other people? Is bad to be nice? Why are people so mean? Why do people want to make themselves happy at the expense of others?

Last night, I closed a bit late from the office, when I mean late I mean a few minutes past 9 pm.To me it wasn’t really late because, my house is just 100 Naira Okada from the office, so it’s really not that far and cause it takes me less ten minutes to get to the office and again, I used to close later than that where i used to work before and I get home safely without any hitch.

So why did I stayed this long? a colleague of mine wanted to print this long schedule that was on an excel spreadsheet and she had issues with it so I decided stayed back to help her out.
She wanted like 16 rows on just one sheet and it was difficult to print (mehn this stuff took us like three hours)

She started like 6:30 pm and I late joined her while I was about leaving at around 7:30 pm when I asked her if she wasn’t done for the day and she responded passionately “Yomi, i am not o, are you going to leave me here ? Those words melted me down and I had to help her out.

I thought it wasn’t going to take me less than a few minutes because I could use Microsoft Excel well but that wasn’t the case,so unfortunately, It was the reverse. It was that bad that at first I had to roll up my sleeves, then at another point i loosen my tie yet to no avail. We both tried our best but it Sha refused to print and we concluded that we were going to continue the next day.

So I hibernated my laptop and put it into my work bag and said adieu to my colleagues and left the office. Just a few walks from the office I brought out my phone from my pocket to reply chats i had from my friends and folks during the day.Held my phone with my right hand ✋ and my work bag with my left hand whilst i walked down the road.

At a point ,i stopped and crossed to the other side of the road so i could see vehicles coming my direction. It was a bit dark though but the street was still busy with  people,cars,bikes and keke still moving on the road. Just for me to look up when i had finished replying the messages on my phone and i saw two guy on okada riding towards my direction and before i could blink my eyes with force the other guy sitting on the bike grabbed my bag from me.Yes, He snatched it from me and  i screamed JESUS. I was left with just the handle of my bag. I was shocked ,scared and confused because i never expected such an incident to happen to me , not even at this time when the street was this busy.

Lo and below, as God would have it, the bag fell to the ground from the guy who snatched it from me and he couldn’t come down from the bike to pick it up. I quickly ran to the place where it fell and picked up my bag. I started thanking God for delivering from the hand of those thefts while i walked down and immediately i stopped a bike without even bargaining and I told him to take me to my house.  And that was how God saved me from the hands of those guys ooooo…

Jabulani, i am beginning to feel sleepy ,as i turn to the other side of my bed ,the Holy spirit reminded me of Psalms 121 and  i picked up my Bible to read it and i saw the practical demonstration of this Psalms last night.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.

The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.

The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. King James Version (KJV)

Goodnight friends and folks Here is something to think about…“The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God”




Deal With It,Before It Deals With You

It is so interesting, how God pass his messages across to his children especially to young people. He could use any medium one could even think of. That is why He said “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways and for as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah:55:8-9
I had this wonderful experience recently that made draw a conclusion on this.
I saw a picture on Twitter recently carrying a message that made so much sense to me,even though I thought that was all about the message. I never knew there is more to it.
Here is the picture I saw

Powerful message right?
To me, It speaks to young people that desire and crave to make exploits and make a difference in life.
For the sake of emphasis here’s what is written on the picture –
“whatever you don’t deal with before God takes you to the throne may destroy you on the throne”.

These could include but not limited to pride, pornography, lesbianism, fornication, lies, cheating, cultism and the likes.
Apostle Paul forewarned us about this by saying… For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 2 Timothy:3:2
It so important that we ask God to help us deal with these things before we rise to the throne.Throne could mean be excelling in your career, being a successful business mugu, even as simple as living your dreams or walking in your purpose for life.
Nothing is as disastrous as rising to the throne and getting destroyed on that same throne.
We know what our negative habits and negative behaviors are. Of course nobody knows you better than yourself, you know those secret sins than anybody else.
God is always ready to help us deal with all these things. He said this practical in the book of Isaiah “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Isaiah:1:18

But we need to be ready as well, we need to take responsibility for our lives,especially while we are young and still in the process of getting to our throne of glory.
Taking responsibility here means a deliberate quest for solutions to get rid of these habits or behaviours as the case maybe before you get to the throne and it eventually get rid of you,but that wouldn’t be our portion in Jesus name.
It’s high time you approached these with all seriousness, make a project out of it.
I see God pulling us out of the miry clay and setting our feet on a the solid rock.
I will leave you with this short story… Which shows a clearer picture of the picture above..the more to this picture i mentioned earlier.
There was this pastor, who had a daughter and a wife, who was heading a branch of a popular church. On a faithful day, the pastor and his family all went to visit the lead pastor of the church and in the course of their visitation.
The daughter’s phone rang repeatedly in the middle of their discussion with an ungodly song as her ring tone , of course you know how Nigerian Christian parents would behave.
So unfortunately for the girl the lead pastor’s wife ceased her phone and started scolding her about the kind of songs she listen to and went further to check her phone and discover pornography video and pics on her. All this happened in the presence of the both families. Of course you know the reactions of any Nigerian parents in a case like this. Where did you get it from, resounded in the room. After so much pressure on her said she got it from her dad’s smartphone…. Hmm
What…? Everyone shouted in the room,… I guess you know that this story will definitely not end like the regular story .. And they live happily after….. End of story…
I leave you with this…. Nothing is as disastrous as rising to the throne and getting destroyed on that same throne.

God works Miracles on Mondays

tgimSo how did my day go today ?… Usually for me Mondays are really not days i get overwhelmed with work..on Mondays we have this TGIM culture we practice in my company which makes Mondays exciting but today was an exemption… and I prayed 🙏 for a stressed free day and a miracle Monday fa. ..

Anyway, got to the office, dropped my work bag.. immediately, I opened my laptop, emails started dropping.. pressure from everywhere… Departments we service started their usual garagara.. In the midst of all these, I had this task to prepare a letter for transfer instructions to be sent to the bank.Out of my quest to beat time , I made this silly mistake..so unlike me,  on one of the transfer instructions (this particular one was meant for my boss) instead of writing 18th April i wrote 15th March on the instruction and i didn’t notice not until I got to the bank….when i noticed i lost all the color on my face. Did I mention  to you that i hate going to the bank ?
Prior to this time i already had issues with the ladies in the fund transfer unit of the bank…it was so bad that their HOP ( Sincerely i don’t know what HOP means) had to intervene,though it was their fault and not mine …i won the fight and they lost that day.

This time around i was the one at fault, many thoughts started running through my mind..should i just go back to the office and ask my boss to sign again , kia i can’t face him ,not even today among other days, or should i just go and speak to the HOP directly or swallow my pride and speak to those ladies at the fund transfer unit….no i can’t  lose this  fight.

I became confused, so i told the Holyspirit, “Padi, i can’t deal ooo” ..please do something…immediately He intervened, though there was a price to pay.

Before going upstairs to the fund transfer unit, i was to get bank statement for my boss, of cause now you know Nigerian banks with their lack of adequate facilities ,there was only just two chairs at the customer service unit , which somebody else had sat down on one already and immediately i saw the other vacant chair, i quickly went to sit on it, just to catch my breath and think on what to do about the mistake i made.

while the customer service lady was attending to the other guy that came before me, i was waiting for the Holy Spirit to say something. I looked back and i saw a young man, probably he should be in his middle 30s walking towards the customer service unit with the aid of a walking stick and the Holy Spirit just told me this where my solution lies…So you mean i should stand up for this guy to sit…i started arguing  with Him…
Guy, this lady hasn’t attended to me, for how long would i stand for this guy to be attended to? after arguing with Him  with so many reasons i  finally agreed and we stuck a deal. of cause you know what the deal would have been. …in my funny voice… “Bros,if i stand up for this man to sit, that means i have helped him ,so You have to help me oo, please blind the eyes of the ladies upstairs not to notice the mistake”( I don’t mean literally blindness oo) and i told the to guy to come and sit and i dropped the letter of request for the bank statement and as i went upstairs other customers were surprised, in their mind they will be thinking this guy is a nice guy.  ( of cause i am a nice guy now).

Guess what? immediately i got upstairs…before i even said what i was there for the lady at the fund transfer unit left her desk like she was expecting me before and she walked up to me with a warm smile to collect the transfer instruction from me and she treated it immediately without even checking for the date on the transfer instruction . You need to see how happy i was…( Though i didn’t express it ooo ..you know i should form a little too)

so i went back to the customer service unit to know what up with the letter i dropped with the lady ..just to my greatest surprise, the bank statement was already . And I  said “I am  good to go in the voice of a Nigerian corp member”

This phrase just dropped in my head….”God works miracles on Mondays,” Indeed God works miracles on Mondays….