My Creed

               • I choose not to
     Follow the Passions And Desires of
                 Our Sinful Nature
• I Nail the Passion and Desire of
        my sinful nature to the cross
            and crucify them there.
         • Cleanse and Washed by His      
                      Precious Blood
• I Choose to follow the Spirit and 
                  live by the Spirit
• I choose to follow the Spirit’s  
           leading in every part of
                      my life
        •I see the World through
     the Eyes of the Most High God,
                    I Stand out,
             I Make A Difference !
      • I vow to dwell under the
               Secret Place of the
                  Most High God
      • I hold on to our Faith in God
                   till I see Him!
           • I don’t share His Glory
                 with any creature….
 • I therefore Stand, I Stand out     
              I stay Unashamed!
       In His Presence…… His Court
                      I dwell !


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