Youth With A Difference ( Y-WAD )

Youth with A Difference is a faith–based non-profit making organization for youths and teenagers. Y-WAD is located in Kabba, Kogi State, which is centered on empowering youths and teens to discover, develop and deploy their full potentials and uniqueness in Christ so that they can stand out as true role model in life through informal gatherings/meetings/outings and a continuous follow-up with the youths and teenagers.
Y-WAD Vision: Uplifting spiritual and moral standard for youths and teens that will make a difference in life.
Y-WAD Mission: To empower youths and teens to discover, develop and deploy their full potentials and uniqueness in Christ so that they can stand out as true role model in life.
Y-WAD Core values: Spirituality, creativity, leadership, excellence, purity, love and vision.
Y-WAD uses the following Platforms to achieve her aim: Youth with a difference Annual conference, Y-WAD summer camp, Yi-WAD Academy (seminars, mentorship program, vocational training), Y-WAD campus tour, Community activities, Publications (newsletters), DDteens and so on.
Y-WA team have organized several successful events since inception (October 2011) in kabba, Kogi State and have received awesome feedback from participants and as well as requests from people to be part of Y-WAD
Through the annual conference organized by the Y-WAD team yearly in Kabba with more than two hundred teenagers and youths in attendance, Y-WAD have help them to discover, develop and deploy their individual potentials to make a difference in the community (kabba).
The annual conference usually features activities such as talk-show, lectures, presentations, group discussions and the like and necessary follow-up measures are put in place to monitor the participants after the event.
Y-WAD has made maximum impact in the lives of the young minds in the community through its annual Y-WAD Academy, where participants are exposed to different programs such as mentorship program, workshops and vocational skills training and Sex Education/enlightenment and getting them to adopt, imbibe and live by a sustainable value system.
The organization also have a monthly newsletter with secondary and primary school students as it audience, distributed freely to them, which features inspiring and motivating stories, academic tips health tips, information and the likes.
Daniel and Deborah teens(DDteens) is the teens division of Y-WAD ,this is the flagship of Youth With A difference, which has helping teenagers discover, develop and deploy their God given potentials and talents and raising Godly teens in the likeness of Christ and the biblical Daniel and Deborah on its front burner. Y-WAD organizes a monthly teen’s summit to achieve these, right in kabba.
The team also organize community outreaches by visiting orphanage home, clearing of bushes, rendering volunteer service and mobilize support for the transformational projects within the community.
We still hope to achieve more as regard this dream to help other discover, develop and deploy their potential and he believes more efforts are to be made by other youths across the world.

Owobo Olorunyomi

See: to read recent interview.


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